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How to name a podcast?

The first thing you want to get to know about a person is their name. People only know you by your name. If you are meeting someone for the first time, he or she first asks for your name. In the future, he will refer to you by your name. If your name is too strange or unfamiliar, it will have two consequences: either the person in front of you will forget your name or will remember your name throughout his/her life. Now it’s entirely up to your name how that other person remembers you!

The same thing works for the podcast’s name. When you think of making a podcast, naming it will be the first and most difficult challenge for you. You must name your podcast before you start it. Of course, to name your podcast, you have to look at longer articles or longer YouTube videos. But since you are on KUKU FM’s website, you will find complete tips and tricks on how to choose the name of your podcast in an article. So let’s see!

The first thing you need to remember is that the name should be the same as the content of your podcast. Also, the name should be such that anyone or mainly your targeted audience can pronounce it easily. A more difficult or strange name may confuse people listening to your podcast somewhere. Also if you are an expert in any field or if your name is famous in that field, you can name it after yourself. It should be unique and a little different, but not beyond comprehension.

Things to keep in mind before naming your podcast

1. The name represents your work.

The name of your podcast should be such that people know what content is your podcast by just the title. If you are doing a podcast about cooking and associating its title with fashion or health, listeners will not understand it and gravitate towards it, and in the long run, you will lose your niche audience. If the name is different on the outside and the content is different on the inside, they will not listen to your podcast again and this will make a difference in your audience. For example, A cooking show on Kuku FM is named “Dr. Love” By the title, we can guess that the show would be about love or matters related to it.

2. The name should be unique but not chaotic.

Ensure that the name you are considering is possible for an average person to hear and speak. The name should be specific, but that doesn’t mean you have to use a word in another language or a language that isn’t understood by a majority of the audience. Podcast names should be decent and easy, but in an attempt to be specific, don’t make the name too difficult. Also note if someone is already running a podcast under your implicit name, right? To prevent this from happening, keep one or two names in mind first.

3. Take care of keywords and SEO.

Take care of keywords and SEO.

The easiest and best way to name your podcast is to put a keyword in the name of your podcast. Do a Google search for the keyword for the topic you’re creating and show your creativity accordingly. This will give you the advantage of simplifying the name and enabling more listeners to find your podcast. This method will be effective in increasing your reach in the longer run.

4. Get internet help.

Just like you google once before starting anything new, it is better to google the name of the podcast once. This will let you know if there is a podcast that matches your podcast, as well as the information related to the topic of your podcast. This will help you make your content better. If you study the names of other podcasts, it will help you to name yours. This will help you understand how to name a podcast. Check out other famous podcasts once and then name your podcast.

5. Don’t change your podcast name too often.

You can also rename the podcast later, but this will confuse your listener. So don’t change this title once it is decided. Suppose you change it later, but there will be a possibility you might lose out on your already existing audience. People already associated with you may be separated from you after you change your name.

After creating a profile on KUKU FM, you can watch many podcasts in front of you. You can guess by listening and hearing what your podcast should be named. Also, depending on the format of your podcast: you have to choose a unique name. If you are recording a book, it is advisable to name the same book to the podcast. If you are recording an interview or a story, you can name accordingly. Also, keep in mind that the title  is a manifestation of the emotions in it and therefore the essence of the podcast needs to be kept in mind while naming it.


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