In recent times we have seen enormous growth of podcasts in India. In a world replete with content, podcast listeners are loyal and growing at rapid speed. People are realising that they could absorb the same amount of content in less time and from there on there is no going back. You can listen to podcasts while you are running, commuting, cooking, cleaning, driving—because it’s an opportunity to learn something new, catch up on current events, or laugh when your only other option would be music or silence.

Whether you want to become a full-time podcaster to show your content to the world and want to replace your income with the podcast, or you just want to do it as for side business, I think it’s really important to consider how to earn money from your podcast, even if aim to simply cover your time and costs which you put in to create it. You should be rewarded for your hard work.

3 methods in which you can earn money from podcast-


Advertisements: making money through podcasts
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The most common way in which you can earn money from podcast is through advertising or sponsorships of different companies. Companies may pay you money to have you read off a script or talk about their company in different parts of your podcast episodes mostly at the starting or mid part.

This can be very rewarding and is very popular among podcasters, but at the same time, it’s hard to find sponsors for your podcasts when your show is just getting started. They want to know people are going to listen before they pay you and as a new podcaster you can not assure them listeners. But don’t you worry there are other methods through which you can make money. 

Affiliate Marketing

For the beginners, they should first start with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing generally means that you can generate an income from podcasts by mentioning or talking about and recommending various products that you use in your episodes. It can be similar to how your content is and how it is helpful for that product, but you can also mention various microphones and podcast hosting platforms like Kuku FM. The advantage with Affiliate marketing is that you can start with this kind of income generation from day 1, and even if you don’t have listeners at your beginning time, a year from when you will begin or so, you can see it coming and that will prove to be useful.

Digital and Physical Products

You could potentially promote and sell software you use, e-books, online exclusive content, services you use, or even physical products like books. Also if you review these books, any other items or services you will be able to make money through endorsement. If you maintain the quality content the listeners will not only listen to you, they start trusting you and thus you can influence them to buy these services or product.

Thus, using these methods, you can earn money from podcasts!


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