25 best motivational PodcastsMotivation is an important life skill. The reason it’s important is because every person on this earth is unique and has a purpose. To steward your purpose well, you have to be motivated to work towards your goals which helps your dreams become a reality. Motivation is the presence of purpose and desire to achieve daily life, career, and business goals. It’s inspiring when you see someone achieving something great and feeling happy. Motivation is important to manage time efficiently. So here we are with amazing lists of our 25 best motivational Podcasts to boost you up with some positive vibes. Let’s have a sneak peek.

1. Dr. Vivek Bindra (Part 01) – Reservoir of motivation by RJ Sharat

Here is the motivational Podcasts by RJ Sharat with a famous motivational speaker Dr. Bindra. He talks about how to motivate yourself when you feel extremely demotivated. In this episode, he further explained how people in society don’t have the desire to do what they like. Listen to this podcast to know about Logic and emotion, who needs what.

2.तू भले ही मुझे अकेला रख ऐ खुदा लेकिन… “ज्ञान होना चाहिए” By Sansar Rawal

Here you can listen to Sansar Rawal’s soothing voice with eye-opening thoughts on self-belief and introspection. When someone admires us, it makes us happy but on the other hand when someone points out our mistakes just think positively, think of it as your reminder for not making further mistakes. Whenever you are distressed or shattered just give it a minute, you will feel better.

3. Become fearless | how to overcome any fear in life by Yogesh Ashwar

Fearless is all about having fears but jumping away. Whenever we fail we get disappointed and hence we keep on demotivating ourselves. We fear when we think of our surroundings when we overthink on unusual points. We are human beings and it’s natural to fear from some of the other things. Yogesh Ashwar has come up with few tips on how you can become fearless. Follow your passion, follow your dreams, and be dauntless.

4. Taqdeer hatho me hoti h lakiro me mat dhundh by sansar rawal

Here comes another mind-blowing motivational Podcaststhat tells us about why stumbling is also a good part of our life. What you share among people will always come back to you, it’s a short life. If you get everything in life then what is the real fun of living life, its fine if you make mistakes.

5. Self-confidence: Become super confident now by Yogesh Ashwar

Self-confidence is an attitude about your skills and abilities. It means you accept and trust yourself and have a sense of control in your life. Listen to this podcast on how to become super confident when you have self-doubt when you fail to achieve something. He has explained the points by giving certain famous examples and I am sure you will be amazed.

6. Time Bachao Paisa kamao by RJ Glenn

Fear of Failure is the most common cause of procrastination; it’s not just bad it’s harmful to life. We should use our 24 hours effectively because they will decide how our life is going to be. Passion is a kind of energy, so try to become passionate in life you will surely feel the change.

7. Jindagi me jab himmat tute to 5 baate humesha yaad rkhna by Ramesh Sharma

Tough times happen to all of us. No matter how strong or powerful or confident we are, tough times will come. The hardest part of tough times is not to lose hope. Don’t become sad when people point out mistakes in you, remember this, the tree which gives maximum fruits gets hurt the most. So just enjoy every moment in your life.

According to him, it’s the way of living a happy life. Don’t worry about the path which leads you to a beautiful destination. Want to know more, go give it a listen.

8. Introduction- 25 ghante The Podcast by Amitabh

Dreamers and doers differ only by one hour, speaking of which in detail here comes the series of mind-blowing episodes of 25 ghante. Everyone has the same 24 hours, but the way we utilize them makes us unique and out of the box. It’s not some secret hidden with legendary people; it’s about knowing the importance. Let’s have fun together and let’s start utilizing our 25 hours.

9. Ye Beshkimti Shabd aapki jindagi badal skte hai by Ramesh Sharma

Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care with people, because our words will make someone our enemy and someone our soul mate.

So choose wisely and think twice before saying something. Never feel disheartened when you fail to achieve something, learn from your mistakes so that you do not repeat them again. You cannot cut a tree without an axe, which is also made of wood, isn’t it ironic.

Always respect your elders and accept when you make mistakes.

10. 3 Things You Must Do Everyday – By Sandeep Maheshwari

Information is the key to live a successful and happy life. Give time to the right and useful things in life, you will surely get the best. The information which we have collected, apply it in your day to day life, feel the happiness of it. How giving just 5 minutes twice a day can help you in achieving success. Let’s listen to this legend.

11. Mujhe nahi aati udhti patang jaisi chalakiya.. By Ramesh sharma

One of the most effective skills you can have in life is powerful and effective time management. If you’re not managing your time well, there’s no way you’re going to reach your goals at work and the life outside of it. Few maintain relationships very smoothly in life whereas few struggle. Always try to understand the pain of others rather than criticizing them. Everyone needs to remember how to be patient, the skill of patience can be hard to master but developing that skill over time can really help you out in your life.

12. Sabko apne karm yaad rehti hai warna.. By sansar Rawal

If no one does well, then how bad will the world become? What happens to the rest of humanity if we selfishly refuse to help others? Trust yourself and never expect from others, you will be so happy in your life. Try to solve your own problems, because there are only a few who will really understand your problem, rest everyone will just act to help you.

13. PSC SSC ki taiyari Kaise Kare by MD motivation

Are you googling on how to prepare for SSC? Or prepare for any exam from your home, then stop that and give your valuable time and listen to this podcast. Focus on your career and give time in it, you will never get disappointed. The host answers the questions of people and tells them to pay attention to their goal. If you want to ask your doubts it’s an open door, do give it a try. Avoid giving excuses, find the way and you will see what you have gained.

14. Do career option Ek Kaise chune, Pucho Apane Sawal with MD Motivation

MD motivation is back with answers to your questions, in this episode he talks about how to make career choices when you are confused. Are you dealing with parents expectations regarding results or are you not focusing on your goal or you don’t know what your goal is, you can get all the answers in just one podcast of a few minutes.

15. Pet me gya zahar sirf ek vyakti ko marta hai by Ramesh sharma

The time we spend in our own heads comparing ourselves to others and measuring our esteem is time that is distracted from the real work we could be doing—the work of producing our art. Ego is the biggest enemy. By removing our ego from failure situations, we can quickly start to see the learning opportunities in such moments. Sometimes any stranger can make you feel so special that you forget the pain given by your loved ones.

16. How to deal with Depression and Anxiety? By Sandeep Maheshwari In Hindi

You’ve noticed some changes lately. Maybe you feel sad, hopeless, or don’t get any joy out of activities that used to be fun. Sounds like depression, right?

Maybe that’s not all. Sometimes you’re worried, afraid, and just plain uneasy. Isn’t that a sign of anxiety? It’s normal to have ups and downs or to have things you’re concerned about. Learn the art of dealing with depression and anxiety.

Develop a holistic approach rather than focusing on one part of your mistakes.

17. Kya betiyo ko padhana chahiye by MD motivation

Education is an essential part of a living being, whether it is a boy or a girl. Education helps an individual to be smarter, to learn new things, and to know about the facts around the world. Especially women’s education in India is the need of the hour. They are the building blocks of your family. Let’s listen to the questions on this. People think that girls should stay at home mothers to help their family and nothing else. If you are dealing with all this please listen to this.

18. Kisi ka dil itna mat dukhao ki byRamesh Sharma

If you feel pain when somebody hurts you, then why do you do the same with others? Never lose hope, have faith in yourself, you will definitely cross all the hurdles.

19. Dimag ka – ABC by RJ Glenn

In this podcast RJ Glenn is with Miss Rachna, she has been practicing psychology since 2010. In this episode, the main focus is on the reason behind stress and hypertension. In this new era with booming technology, everyone can access most of the information only via a single tap. Everyone wants to be superior, famous, and we are jealous of what others have. We are not happy with what we have.

20. Jindagi ek aisi kitab hai by sansar rawal

Life is like a book, it is up to us to make this book full of good memories or to make it worse by doing dreadful acts. We should live our life happily; we should utilize what we have so that we can die happy with no remorse. It’s a blank book; it’s on us to fill it with happy experiences and sweet memories.

21. Kaam pad skta h to aadhe log to isiliye rishte nibha rhe.. By Ramesh Sharma

Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you satisfied in the future. Be humble and polite. Sweat for a cause, don’t sit simply. You see, time might be just an illusion, but its role in life is important, it helps everything and everyone move on.

22. Business me Safalta Kaise Paye?  Pucho Apane Sawal with MD Motivation

MD motivation is back with another question-answer session. Have you lost interest in your job or have some family problem, all answers you will get in this podcast.

23. How to make the IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE? By Sandeep Maheshwari I Hindi

Many people believed that it was impossible for humans to run a mile in under four minutes. Runners had been trying to break the four-minute barrier since the late 1800s. There is nothing in this world which you can’t do, what you need is to focus. Give this podcast a few minutes, you will love it.

24. Bahut kuch karna chahte hai pr kar nhi paate by MD motivation

You are doing every possible thing you can do to achieve your goals but you are failing, again and again, but don’t lose hope. Listen to all questions and their answers with MD, what if it’s useful for you.

25. Jab bhi dil dukhi ho to ye baate yaad rkhe by Ramesh sharma

Whenever you are hurt or feel disheartened, go and click this 25 best motivational Podcasts, it will change your mood. In this, the narrator talks about the three points to focus on. Always give time to people who care for you.


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