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How to start and end a podcast?

When thinking about creating a podcast, we always think about its content and body. It is often seen that we forget how to start and end a podcast. Apart from the main content of the podcast, the beginning and end of the podcast are also very important. Whether or not the podcast will be heard until the end depends on the start of the podcast. Besides, you should end the podcast in such a way that the listener comes back to listen to your podcast again.

The introduction of the podcast and its importance

Listeners first look at the name and thumbnail of your podcast. This begins the main introduction to your podcast. Attracted by this, Listener has some expectations when he comes to listen to your podcast. If the name and thumbnail of your podcast do not match the beginning of your podcast, then Listener will not come back to you again. So with a better name and thumbnail, the introduction of a podcast should also be attractive.

It is said that the first impression is the last. So always keep the start of the podcast interesting. Be sure to include a hint from the previous podcast. Also, if you want to know about attractive artwork for podcasts, click here.

When listening to any book, show, or podcast, there is a question in the mind of the person that they should not bore him. And he finds the answer to this question within the first few minutes.

So in this article we will tell you how to make the start of a podcast fun and interesting.

How to start a great podcast?

Here are some things you should include at the beginning of your podcast. Apart from this, you can do some more creativity.

1. Name

This is a very common but quite important thing. Think of a name for your podcast that is out of the ordinary. This will connect people to your podcast, as well as it helps get the podcasts off to an attractive start.

2. IntroductionIntroduction/

Introduce yourself when starting a podcast. But it is not necessary to give full details. Enough lines like “Your true friend, your host” is enough.

3. The name of the podcast 

People must have already read the name of the podcast, but you have to name your podcast attractively and uniquely at the beginning of the podcast. This makes the listener connect emotionally with your content.

4. Introduction to Content

Please tell us what content you want to give in that podcast at the beginning of your podcast. Also, be sure to introduce the podcast for whom, or with whom.

5. ReCap 

If you like it a little introduction or recap of your previous podcast, you can give it.

How to end a podcast?

The importance of the beginning of the podcast is as much as the end. If the content of the podcast is good, the beginning is also good, but in the end there is no message or learning, then your podcast will not have the impact that it should have on people.

The end of the podcast does not require much effort. All you have to do is thank your listener. Apart from this, you can also give information about your next podcast. Also, here are some tips that you should take care of:

1. Always thank your listener.

2. Describe what you said in your podcast.

3. Give a little information about your next podcast.

4. Ask for comments or comment on mail or WhatsApp.

5. Ask for likes and shares when you like podcasts.

6 If you run a blog or website for a podcast, ask the listener to talk there.

With these things in mind, you can make the beginning and end of your podcast better. You can also learn how to start and end by listening to the many podcasts available on KUKU FM. You just have to be a little different and creative from the rest, it will help you a lot.


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