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How to do podcast sponsorships?

We are sure that you will want to take up any chance to turn your passion into a job. Well, sponsorships do just that, where you can endorse products or services in your podcasts to your audience. This helps in monetizing your content but moreover the control over portraying your audience in what you stand by. But, the tricky part of this is you cannot choose any sponsorships which come your way, you need to have an eye out on what sponsorships work for you and what sponsorships you can let go.

This article talks about all the related aspects of monetizing your podcast via sponsorships,

Strength of podcasting

While sponsors reach out to you because they see you are successful in your niche and have established a specific audience for yourself. So taking up sponsors that are relevant to your content and your listeners can attempt to use this product or service all based on your word. So making sure you choose your sponsors wisely as it will portray your image and there is your audience at stake.

Sponsorships approaches

There are mainly two ways in which you can proceed with the sponsorships and it solely is based on the agreement you reach with the sponsor in how you want to go about it.

A section dedicated in your podcast

Well, the most effective way to go about sponsorship is bringing it up during your podcast and dedicating a segment where you give a background of the product/service and how you like it and details on where you can get yourself one.

Radio like intervenes

This is a method where the podcasts play a pre-recorded track of the advertisement of the product/service to their listeners, and after which they will revert to their chain of thoughts.

It can also be perceived that this method might not be as effective as it can carry hints of being fake and that you are playing this out of obligation and don’t believe in what you are advertising.

Inclusion of the sponsorshipsbenefits of sponsorship

The placement of these adverts can be decided in the agreement with also the factor of how much are you paid. For example, you can be paid less if your advert is placed in the end but way more in comparison if it’s in between your storyline where your listeners are the most engrossed.


This factor is completely in control of the creator, and there isn’t a fixed amount to be paid. For example, it depends on the creator if he/she wants to charge on the number of listens or that they want to charge on the number of clicks to the said link. Another way to go about this is that creators can be paid based on how many users approached the product or service because of them and the creator can be compensated.

You can increase the price if you like as long as you have sponsors reaching out to you and willing to pay the money you are expecting.

Downside of sponsorships

As we all know there will always be downsides of every action taken, so what is the downside of sponsorships?

Well the moment there is money involved and you have reached an agreement with the sponsors you do owe them an obligation. There will be times where you will have to cross-check your content with them and it won’t usually have your last say in it.

Another way to look at this is that your listeners might assume things based on the portrayal, for example, they might think this episode was rushed and not up to the mark but just acted as a filler the advert posted.

Moreover, there is a possibility that there are deadlines imposed on your work which gives out the essence of work and not pursuing your passion.

The medium between you and the sponsor

There are several ways you can get in touch with a sponsor, maybe at the start, you will have to send out mailers to possible sponsors and strike a deal with them to get a snowball of events.

Or if you manage to build your niche audience, sponsors will reach out to you to advert their entity so make sure you include your email if there is anyone who would want to reach you.

Well that sums up all you need to know about a sponsor, so keep an eye out and we wish you luck!


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