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Avoid these things when creating podcasts!

You’ve seen a lot of things in the past that you should avoid while creating your podcast. In today’s article we are going to discuss some of the things that can be dangerous to you while making your podcast. These things can often lead to legal action against you. Often your audience doesn’t like these things. There are certain laws relating to podcasts or any art. Violations of such laws are also committed by you unknowingly. Knowing these things while making a podcast will make your podcast perfect in all respects. At the same time, you will not have any further problems. People will love you and your podcast more. So let’s take a look at some of the things you should avoid while making your podcast without spending too much time.

1. Copyright 

Respect the copyright of other people’s content. Only upload content that you have created or authorized to use to your podcast when creating your podcast. This means that only the audio you create can be uploaded to your podcast. Do not use copyrighted content in your audio. If you do not use someone else’s content, such as music tracks, some audio from other people’s copyright programs, or audio created by other users. If you do, you could be prosecuted under the Copyright Act. If you feel the need to use that content, get written permission from its owner.

2. Privacy

Just as you cannot use other people’s content, no one can use your content without your permission. You should also avoid such things and report them to your podcast hosting platform. This is necessary to maintain healthy competition. If you do not protect your privacy, copyright infringement will increase in the podcast world as a whole, because of this you have to do it as a moral duty of a podcaster. At the same time, if you do not maintain the privacy of the podcast, it will also hamper the popularity of your podcast.

3. Parrots

Pretending to listen to a podcast falsely by pretending that you are a different person is called impersonation. Never try to publish a podcast by telling people what you are not. Your podcast hosting platforms take this very seriously. Such things can lead to fraud and many other crimes. Don’t talk in your podcast about topics that you are not an expert in just for publicity. Due to such lies, your podcast will run for very few days and will be shut down soon. But at the same time a truly run podcast can last a very long time.

4. Use of obscene language

Avoid using obscene language when creating podcasts. Many podcasting host platforms don’t push other swear words. It is not right to attract young people or teenagers or anyone to listen to a podcast using obscene language and swearing. Think about what you are giving creatively to the society. Not only do you make podcasts, but you also give a direction to society through your time. So such things should be avoided. Are you going to spread such content in the society just for the sake of money or fame? Luckily, most of you are not criminals of the law.

5. Falsehood


Don’t lie in any of the podcasts. Avoid creating a false fan following. Some people try to play with the system of a pretty podcast hosting platform. Increasing the number of followers and listeners by tampering with the system is a crime in cybercrime. This is not usually the case, but we need to know. Also don’t show false sponsorship. Many people say that they have got sponsorship from some big brands to increase their status. But it does invite legal action. Also, avoid advertising brands or products that are harmful to your audience. Moreover make sure you endorse products that you personally believe in and you know that it will be good for your audience.

6. Violation of Terms and Services

Each podcast hosting platform has its own set of rules. Most of the platforms are showing you before they host your podcast. Don’t work against it. Read the terms and conditions of your podcast hosting platform and keep the content in your podcast accordingly.

7. Inactive Account Policy

Most people host more than one podcast at a time. Most of the time, their accounts remain inactive for a year. Your Podcast Hosting Platform reserves the right to close such accounts. So if you want to keep the podcast going, at least keep visiting it. Keep posting audio on it every few days.

Here are some things to keep in mind when creating your podcast. This will not only make your podcast better but at the same time you will give something pure and creative to society.


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