If we talk about love stories then they are incredibly beautiful, emotional and heartwarming. Love audiobooks will tell you about the different feelings and how people react in various situations when they are in love with someone. We have the best collection of romantic love audiobooks in Hindi. If we compare scripted love stories in movies or novels, we feel that real-life stories are much more genuine. And there we can relate the most.

Love audiobooks will teach you ways to remain happy, it will give you relationship advice and how to deal with relationship problems. Communication and priority are the two basic things in any relationship. How to manage your work life and love life? Get the best answers by listening to these love audiobooks in Hindi. Maintaining your love life is not easy, there are many hurdles in between but we all learn from our mistakes. When two people share unconditional love then they also share a sense of mutual understanding and this helps in making their love life better. Therefore we suggest that you these two love audiobooks in Hindi.

1. रेखा: कैसी पहेली ज़िंदगानी

This beautiful love story is written by Yasser Usman and the voice is given by RJ Manish. Rekha, a beautiful diva, actress and a dancer. Her career has been the most talked about in Bollywood. Rekha is the stage name of the actress. Her real name is Bhanurekha Ganesan. She has done more than 180 films in the Hindi film industry and still her face looks so fantabulous and glowing that her fans want to see her in movies even today! National award winner- Rekha has often been called a recluse as she never liked to talk about her personal life in public. To unveil some anecdotes of the life of Rekha, listen to this audiobook in Hindi. It will reveal many unknown facts and pages of Rekha’s love life.

2. Modern Aashiqui

This audiobook is the part of a show made by Dr. Love. Dr. Love is well known for writing love audiobooks. In these audiobooks he talks about the problems of the lovers related to love, dreams and life and tries his best to solve them. Modern Aashiqui narrates the magic of love in the most eloquent manner. We bet you will fall in love after listening to this soulful voice. Love makes life more beautiful. It has the power of telepathy that two people understand each other without having to simply talk. You can also send your problems to Dr. Love, just go and listen to his audiobook you will find his number there.


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