Religion pervades our daily lives, and learning about other religions may help you comprehend many of the distinctions you see all around you. Studying religion broadens your perspective on the world’s complexities. Religion research entails investigating how religion interacts with all of these aspects of our reality.

Here is a fun way to learn more about religion. Listen to these stories. You will end up concluding  that religion is not just baseless rituals but a whole set of scientific activities that are made compulsory in the name of religion. 

  1. Godan

Godan is one of the best works of Munshi Premchand. How the life of a farmer is told very well through the main protagonist of the story, Hori. Hori works hard all his life, but gives up in the face of social shackles and restrictions. Listen now to Munshi Premchand’s most popular composition ‘Godan’ on Kuku FM.

  1. God of OZ

What if we’re all sleeping? Everything that is happening in our life is a lie, it is a dream. Suppose we are all sleeping in a factory and that factory is run by a child? What if you wake up in that factory and you come to know that we all have no god. Rather we are a product of the factory which is in the hands of a child. What happens knowing that a child is God. What is the secret of this world’s factory? Listen to God of OZ to know.

  1. भार्गव – एक आदिनायक की महागाथा 

A war going on for ages, whose responsibility has been given to a great dynasty. At the same time, an enemy who is invincible for four ages. So how will this war be won? Why is this war happening and what is its secret? The secret of this war is hidden in an Adi Granth. So will this mystery be uncovered? Listen to know the full story. Voiceover Artist: RJ Manish author: Ashutosh Malviya

  1. शुंभ-निशुंभ वध

In ancient times, under the leadership of evil demons like Shumbh-Nishumbha, Chanda-Munda Dhumralochan, Rakta Beej, the demons and demons had created a huge uproar in the three worlds. He was invincible by the boon of Brahma and Shiva. Then Jagajjanani mother Ambika had protected the gods and Vedic religion. how ? To know, listen to this story ‘Shumbha-Nishumbha Vadh’! 

  1. काल भैरव का रहस्य

Kaal bhairav ka rahasya written by Shiva Ji Soni Narrated by Arjun Dev. very informative stories will tell you  unknown facts of Kaal Bhairav.

  1. आह! सीता की आत्मकथा

We are all well versed with the legend, Ramayana but from either Ram’s perspective or from a birds-eye view. Get a unique one, from the eyes of Sita.

  1. साँची

Some accidents are not forgivable in life and they become the means of changing life. One such story is Saachi, do listen to it. It has an amazing plot.

  1. कलवरी के आँसू

The atmosphere of Sawantwadi Hospital was a cold winter day and the morning’s gentle lifeless sun had not yet become strong enough that along with the cold winds started additional tampering, their fury was increasing so much that there was a slight wave of cold. At the mere touch of the Kalvari Ke Aansu.

  1. एक्वेरियम

This story is written by Rajiv Pundarji. The author says that Friends, what is life? A celebration, a struggle, a dilemma, or a journey.  Let me take you on a journey that will tear your heart apart and leave your mind numb and brain numb…just turn a page and get aboard the aquarium.

  1. आओ चले प्रभु की ओर

Aao chalen prabhu ki or written by Shridhar Vittalrao Asutkar Narrated by Arjun Dev. listen to this mesmerizing story which will take you towards spirituality. 

  1. Manthan 

Manthan is a beautiful story, full of emotions. It is beautifully woven into words and can take you to a beautiful journey. The story revolves around the concept of secrets or the reasoning behind things which has remained in a form of question mark till now

  1. भक्ति भारत की शान है मेरे भारत की पहचान है

Bhakti Bharat ki Shaan Hai- Mere Bharat ki Pehchaan Hai Written by Harisha Chandra Narrated by Arjun Dev. know our country Bharat in depth by listening to it;s amazing stories.

  1. Kumar Sambhav

Listen to this series of stories. The stories revolve around Devlok, Indralok and Asurlok. The story starts with how these were established, but to know how it ended listen to Kumarasambhava creation.

  1. अंतिम हिंदू राजा का अंतिम युद्ध

The name says it all. Know the history of India and the end of the era. Listen to the story of the last Hindu King.

  1. अपना स्वरूप

This story is about the human mind and physiq, how it works. What should we do with them? Know everything about yourself.

  1. रक्षाबंधन पर्व की महिमा विधि कथा 

Welcome to the glory method story of our channel Raksha Bandhan festival. If you like our channel then definitely share it with your family and friends on Whatsapp. Know your rituals and stories behind them.

  1. महारानी कर्णावती की राखी

This story is about an intelligent queen and her maid servant. Listen to the story of brave queen Karnanavati and how she protected her kingdom just by one rakhi. This is not just a story but history. You will enjoy this to its fullest.

  1. जीवित्पुत्रिका व्रत की महिमा, विधि, और कथा

To know the actual reason behind jivitputrika vrat  and to understand the religion do listen to this story.

  1. श्रावण सोमवार व्रत कथा

Shravan Somvar is very famous fast of Hindu religion. It is done to impress lord shiva in rainy season. To know the purpose and the stoery behind this wrat listen to Shrawan somwaar kathaay.


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