Social issues stories are a source of divergent viewpoints on what constitutes ethically right or improper personal or interpersonal social life decisions. Although social and economic concerns are distinct, certain issues (such as immigration) include both social and economic dimensions. To understand Social issues stories by listening to these stories, Social issues stories will not only explain you different issues but also make you feel empathetic.

  1. झुक गई नफरत

Fauji Suraj chose Sapna, a girl from a poor house, as his companion. Enraged by this, Thakur Janrail Singh throws his son out of the house and does not accept Sapna as a daughter-in-law. But destiny had something else approved. Suraj becomes a martyr and when Janrail Singh comes to know about this, he is completely broken. What will happen to Sapna’s life now? Will Janrail Singh accept Sapna as the daughter-in-law of his house? Listen to the enthralling story now!

  1. प्यार का एहसास “कोरोना”

This is the story of Ritika, who with her innocence and mischief melts the heart of the toughest man. This is the story of Sana who cares for her companions more than her own life, this is the story of Nisha who is facing the punishment of her mistake for 12 years. In the life of all of them, Corona came as both a boon and a curse, just the one who saw it got it the same way. Listen to this feeling of love, which changed their lives completely with happiness and sorrow, gave something to someone and took something from someone.

  1. कन्यादान या विद्यादान

Telling the truth of millions of homes in the country, ‘Kanyadaan or Vidyadan’ is the story of an unbroken bond between Suman, her daughter Munia and mistress Rita, who works as a sweeper in people’s homes. Rita vows to educate the daughter of the poor, but the people of the society consider this good work as bad. Hear heart touching story about social evils like poverty, child marriage, corruption and daughter education awareness only on Kuku FM.

  1. परी हूँ मैं 

I am angel It is the story of a girl who has to hide her identity and be born. Because it was a custom in her village that if the daughter-in-law’s first child is a girl, she should be killed as soon as she is born. There were plans to kill Pari as soon as she was born. But how was Pari’s life saved..? And what happened to her after her birth..? And is there an end to this orthodox tradition which has been going on for years..? To know the answer to these questions, listen to a very beautiful Social issues stories – Pari Hu Main.

  1. नशे में दुनिया

At this time everyone is troubled by the addiction of drugs. Whether it is a common man, school/college kids or film industry people. The intoxication of drugs is such that one who neither sees any color, gender nor position. This story is also of such people whose world has been devastated by drugs. In this story you will hear the dangerous truth of the world of drugs and why people surrender to it. 

  1. प्रतिज्ञा- अस्तित्व की तलाश

The Zamindar of the village, Sumer Singh considers the birth of a daughter to be a curse and also abandons his sister Abha. During the checkup, Sumer Singh’s wife sees Abha in injured condition but she is unable to do anything. What happened to Abha at last? When Sulochana has a daughter, no one knows what the landlord is going to do now.

  1. मुझसे भी प्रेम करोना

Vishal Rastogi, owner of a 5 star hotel “Simone Residency” in Safdarjung Enclave, along with his wife and child go on a Europe-Tour to celebrate their 10th anniversary and valentine day together. But there his wife and son die of corona. Vishal returns home with a love-less heart. What happens then? Does love come again and knock the gate in the life of widower Vishal? Listen to know–” love me too.

  1. मी टू

Rakesh was happy in his family life. The laughing family and the cries of a young guest resonated throughout the courtyard. But this euphoria did not last long. These joys were eclipsed. How did you get this happiness back? Who did this to him? Listen to know the full story only on Kuku FM.

  1. सूरजबाला की कलम

What happens when a girl loses a pen won as a prize and falls in love with the very pen thief? At the end  his lover confesses his deed. Seeing Surajbala accepting his crime he is astonished. What will the girl do to know about the beautiful Social issues stories?

  1. विश्वास का बंधन

Today Gudiya ka marriage hai….everyone is happy, her friends Geeta and Sonia are leaving no chance to tease her when suddenly the police arrive…everyone is shocked. In a few minutes, instead of happiness, there is sadness…. What happened? Hear the Social issues stories of Vishwas Ka Bandhan full of mystery and suspense only on Kuku FM.

  1. दोषी कौन

Nisha’s marriage with Deepak was just a pretense. Deepak never accepted Nisha and Deepak’s mother never accepted her as a daughter-in-law. Nisha had compromised with the time. Nisha used to share everything with her friend Sandhya. But suddenly one day Nisha and her entire family disappear. no contact. Sandhya gets restless. A few years later, Nisha meets Sandhya in an ashram. What happened to Nisha? Nisha’s mother-in-law has gone mad…Where is Deepak? Listen to the full story to clear all these confusions.

  1. तुम्हें मरना होगा

Yesterday was Nirbhaya, then Ashifa! Today is someone else. Tomorrow it will be someone else. After all, for how long will the girls of our country continue to be victims only? Somebody has to take the initiative. Similarly, we have a Ruby in this story too. With whom also the same dreadful cruelty happened. But our Ruby is very brave. She also fights with Yamraj and becomes the enemy of rapists mafia!

  1. मुश्किलें मोहब्बत में

In the school where Raj teaches, the student starts liking Priya… There is sacrifice in this love, there is dignity, there is dedication and there is a message for the young men and women of the society that how much it means to have love and maintain the dignity of that relationship. keeps. Will Rajesh and Priya’s family accept this love?

  1. रोबोटोपिया

The evolving technology will one day come to such a level that the difference between humans and robots will end. This union of man and robot, whether it will be right or wrong in the future, is in the womb of the future, but the stories that have been created about the union of both can be heard in ‘Robotopia’. There are nine stories in this story collection.

  1. लॉयड्स बैंक डकैती

 This novel is full of mystery and thrill, narrating the true stories of crime at the hands of humans.

  1. जिनी पुलिस

Lohit Bansal, a techie, wants to become one of the richest people in the world by opening his company’s headquarters in the US. Trisha Dutta is the best school teacher, who wants to make the students capable by staying in India. The two fall in love, but just before their wedding, it is what Delhi is infamous for. Listen to the new audiobook “Genie Police” by Arpit Agarwal, author of your favorite book “Hai Dil Ka Kya Kasoor” on Kukufum.

  1. दलदल

Prakashchandra is a hardworking, responsible and respected government official. Everything is fine at home and at work, but still Prakashchandra enters into a relationship with Seema’s colleague. Due to this relationship he becomes the talk of the town and starts losing his respect. On the other hand Seema also gets separated after quarreling with her husband. Prakash’s wife Nirmala his also missing. Now Prakash is badly trapped in the quagmire of lunar life. Will the light be able to come out of this swamp? Listen to the story to now what happens next.

  1. मैं मौत हूँ तेरी

When she could not bear the tyranny of her husband, she killed her husband. But as soon as she came out of the house after killing her husband, she got into trouble one after the other. Listen to such a tale of an incompetent woman who gave you goosebumps, when she took up arms, the contractors of the society started seeking shelter from her.

  1. हौसला

If there is autumn, then spring will also come. The rain showers will remove the heat of summer. This spirit gives us the courage to live. Hope and courage are the foundation of life.this story is on this very idea and beautifully explains concept of hope. 

  1. मानवता के दुश्मन

Drug addiction is spreading like a disease among today’s youth. But is he solely responsible for this? The real culprits are those who promote it and take it to the youth. This story, adorned with imaginary characters presenting this bitter truth, is the story of such poor people who are the enemies of humanity!

  1.  द ब्लैक डीमन

Professor Javed wanders in the dark forests of Mohan Nagar with his assistant Abdul. In those dark forests where black demons once ruled. The Professor and Abdul wander in those forests and reach the palace of the demons. There they find a dark black coffin, which the professor brings to his lab. After fifteen months of this incident, one day something happens that the professor is arrested. but why? What did the professor do?

  1. इम्तिहान मोहब्बत का 

Piya’s father Arnab left her in childhood and mother also passed away after some time. Piya got more love and belonging from her brother Ranveer than her relatives. But Piya’s life was not so easy. Piya and Abhay like each other but time becomes the biggest enemy between their love. On the other hand, years later, Piya’s past meets her father Arnab. What will happen now? Will Arnab be able to recognize his daughter? Will Piya and Abhay’s love succeed? Listen to know the full story only on Kuku FM. Author.

  1. फासले 

You may or may not remember the agreement that we had with you. The distances that are there will be erased, just some you grow, some we grow. To know what happens when distance comes between love listen to the story Faasle which itself means distance.

  1. रसरंग

There are many colors in the flowers, there are many juices in the spring, life is colorful in itself. This story will make you realize that life is very beautiful and colorful. 

  1. इंतजार

The fruit of Gayatri’s years of penance was found in the form of daughter Sungadha. But Sugandha always used to ask her mother a question, to which she used to get the answer that the day she would stand on her feet, she would be told everything! What was the question that pricked Sugandha’s life as a canker? What is one thing for which Sugandha had to wait so long since childhood? Listen to know the full story.


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