Meditation, an effective form to attain solace in times of distress. But what exactly is meditation? Meditation is an age-old tradition. It is a mental exercise that involves mindfulness, relaxation, and focus. It is an individual practice often appreciated with closed eyes in a lotus position. With the change in cultural and religious aspects one can notice the types of Meditation. But its core remains the same. There are numerous benefits that meditation provides us like it reduces stress, controls anxiety, enhances self-awareness, and promotes emotional health. You can find various meditation Story which will share the method of practicing meditation and benefits. The benefits of mediation are huge. It helps you link your emotions and physical sensations so that you can have compassion. It allows you to investigate your own body. Mediation Stories are a great way of dealing with anxiety and it also provides relaxation to your brain. So here we present the best Meditation Story for you to listen to in Hindi. All you need is a digital device to access them.

  1. कन्यादान या विद्यादान

This story tells the truth of millions of homes in the country. ‘Kanyadaan or Vidyadan’ is the story of the unbroken bond between Suman, her daughter Munia and mistress Rita, who works as a helper in people’s homes. Rita vows to educate the daughter of the poor, but the people of the society consider this good deed to be bad. This heart touching story deals with social evils like poverty, child marriage, corruption and daughter education awareness. This story consists of forty nine parts which will deal with every social evil in detail and this story is written by Dr. subhadra and created by Ruby Pareek.


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