India is a land of religious diversities but  the traditional religion of this land is Hinduism and its other branches of  belief system. Hinduism is not a religion but a way of life, in which it is meant to be lived. It is a simple carved principled way in which anyone can delve into and learn a lot about life and its way of unfolding things. 

Below Hinduism Audiobooks not only amplify the aspect of  how Hinduism should be perceived but also the way it should be practised and its teachings to be inculcated in life. It is the people’s faith in Hinduism that teaches them so many wonderful things about life and way of living. Hence, for people who are into spirituality and Bhakti (devotion) we have – religious audiobooks, spiritual audiobooks, and devotional audiobooks. These religious audiobooks or devotional audio books talk about the spiritual stories and their morals  and how they can help us make it better. Listen to these spiritual audiobooks now!

  1. Kaal Gita

This Hindi audiobook is a compilation of summaries of various hindu upanishads and vedas. It gives up path and direction for the apt way of life. In this stressful world, this audiobook is perfect to reignite the faith and be connected with your inner self.

  1. Bhagavad Gita

This is the perfect audiobook in Hindi for those who are seeking the meaning of life and the way to live life in its optimum capacity, i.e, with moral values and well built character. This Bhagavad gita podcast will tell you a lot of stories with a moral which will further help you to  solve all your problems. In this Podcast,  Lord shree Krishna tells Arjuna the meaning of life through various means . This podcast will first tell you the sanskrit shlok and then explain its meaning to you in hindi. You will hear very melodious music in the background as well.

  1. Shiv se Shivatva tak

This Hindi audiobook will reveal the story of how Shiva became the Lord Shiva who is idolised and worshipped across various parts of India.  This is a very fascinating audiobook based on the book written by  Ashutosh which narrates the plot’s twists and turns with utmost curiosity and thrill revealing who actually Shiva is! This audiobook is narrated by RJ Shrikant Sinha.

  1. Adi Shankaracharya

This Hindi Audiobook answers mystic questions related to Adi Shankaracharya like Whether he really is an avatar of Shiva, When he was born, who was behind the questions asked from adi shankaracharya related to consummation etc. This Audiobook is based on the book published by ABP news, presented by Anupam Kher.

  1. Shree Rama

This Spiritual audiobook explains how this Vishnu avatar  descended on Earth on the behest of Gods to end the evil doings of Ravana.  Born to King Dashratha and Queen Kaushalya, this audio book reveals the story of Rama and his journey of becoming the principled “Maryada-Purushottam” Lord Rama.

  1. Shree Krishna

This Spiritual Hindi Audiobook reveals various facets of Lord Krishna and describes his various acts of Kindness, Tender Love and Mischief. In this audiobook, one can listen to many stories of Lord Krishna’s childhood, Teenage  and Adulthood. He comes across as a loving son, tender brother, caring lover and a high spirited, mentally balanced warrior who knows the tricks and tips of life. Become amazed after listening to this audiobook based on the book written by Gurudutt.

  1. Orcha ke Raja Ram

This another spiritual audiobook in Hindi gives a sneak peak into the whereabouts and historical account of Ram mandir (Ram Temple) situated in Orcha, Jhansi in Madhya Pradesh. Rajendra Agnihotri in this hindi audiobook reveals the roots of this Ram Temple and how it came into existence and became a vital part of the life of people of Orcha.

  1. Bhakti Darshan

This Spiritual Audiobook in Hindi is dedicated to the Lord Ganesha who is the answer to all your problems. He is the God who is first reminisced before the start of any auspicious work. This audiobook is for those who are interested in knowing the ways of almighty Ganesh.

  1. Yatharth Geeta

In this Hindi Audiobook of YatharthGeeta, It tells the auspicious lessons from Bhagwada Geeta for all Human Beings. This Audiobook reveals that the message of Geeta is for all the Human Beings of the World, not restricted to any particular religion or faith. This audiobook envelops the conversations between Lord Krishna and his devotee,Arjuna in a way that is understood by all so that the ways can be inculcated so as to enrich  one’s daily life

  1. Bhagavad Gita (all answers of Life) in Hindi

The BhagavadGita is considered by all the world’s  scholars alike to be one of  the greatest spiritual books ever written.  In a very clear and wonderful way, this Hindi Audiobook explains the conversations between  the Supreme Lord Krishna and his devotee, Arjuna , simplifying the life’s complicated answers and providing a path of bhakti and righteousness in order to live a principled life with kindness and love for others.


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