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Types of mic for audio recording! 

We can see/hear the audio recording in many places around us. We have also seen a mic at many times in our life. So, we can say that the terms ‘audio recording’ and ‘mic‘ is not new for us. But we have to accept that many of us don’t have proper knowledge about them. In this article, we are going to tell you which kind of mic will be better for audio recording.                            audio recording.

We should know that there are many types of recording mics available. When we talk about podcasts, then there is a variety of mics we can see in the market. We will talk about these types of mic also. If you want to make a recording studio at your home, click here to know more about it.

Recording mics are divided into 3 types according to their build and functions.


1. Condenser mic

Condenser mic records very sensitively. A condenser mic is used to record very soft and sensitive sounds. If you want to record a sound that is slow or of the sharp pitch, then a condenser mic is perfect for you. It is used in professional audio recordings. It records the soft sound very nicely. This type of mic is perfectly suitable to record low-frequency sounds in a better way. A condenser mic is a little more costly than normal mics. It can’t be used in a humid and hot environment as it can not give good results in that kind of atmosphere.

You can purchase any mic according to your budget and choice from online shopping platforms. Always remember that the price of your mic does not affect your audio quality. You should know which kind of mic suits your podcast and your voice. You can use a condenser mic for storytelling, audiobooks, literature podcast, love podcast, religious podcasts, etc.

2. Dynamic mic                   audio recording

As it is clear by the name, the dynamic mic is used to record the sound of high speed or dynamic voice. This can be used for normal audio recording. It can also be used in places where the sound doesn’t need to be very clear. A dynamic mic is able to record the sound which is of high pitch or loud voice. Husky sound or voice also can be perfectly recorded in dynamic mic. This is less fragile as compared to a condenser mic. Dynamic mic records the loud and unclear sounds better than other types of mics. This mic can also bear a humid and hot environment. You can use a dynamic mic for the interview, live show recording, band recording, and other podcast formats. These mics are not so costly. You can purchase them online or from local stores.

3. Ribbon mic

This mic is used by very few people. This mic is much costlier than any other mic. And also, ribbon mics are very fragile and tricky to maintain. This is the reason why people don’t use it much often. Ribbon mic is able to record sound with both sides. If you want to record the sound of any musical instrument or the environment inside a room, then this mic is best for you. If you want to record your podcast in a professional way and your budget is also good, then you can use ribbon mic. It can also require costly maintenance.

You can take an ordinary mic to a very costly mic accord to your choice for audio recording. You just have to keep in mind which mic will best suit your voice. The format and type of your podcast also affect the choice of your recording mic. You should listen to the popular podcasts available on Kuku FM. By their voice, you will get an idea of which type of voice should your podcast has. For better audio recording, use the sound editing feature available in Kuku FM. This will help you to make your content much better and attractive.


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