Top 10 places to visit in Mumbai

Are you a hodophile Or a wanderlust Or a backpacker? Well if you are one of them and you are in the “city of dreams “ then these 10 amazing places should be on your list, you should not miss a chance to visit them. From local trains brimming with passengers to a beautiful walkway through the marine drive, from spicy vada pav to sweet aflatoon, from suburban slums to full of tall buildings, famed Bollywood, Bombay has all of it.

Don’t miss these top 10 adventures.



The Gateway of India is one of India’s most unique landmarks situated in the city of Mumbai. The colossal structure was constructed in 1924. Located at the tip of Apollo Bunder, the gateway overlooks the Mumbai harbor, bordered by the Arabian Sea in the Colaba district. The structural plan of Gateway of India is designed in the Indo-Saracenic style. People can visit the monument at any time of the day but best is morning and evening. The Elephant Caves are located very close to the Gateway of India, and tourists can travel on motorboats to reach the Elephant Islands. India’s most luxurious and prestigious Taj Mahal hotel is located very near to this place. Gateway of India is also nicknamed as the Taj Mahal of Mumbai.



Visitors all over the country love the beach for it is also a gastronomic paradise hosting stalls that serve up platters of lip-smacking street food.

One of the best place for an excursion, It is also a great place to unwind and to enjoy the sunset of Mumbai. This beach is one of the best places and suburban attractions to date when it comes to eateries too. Especially during weekends and public holidays. Mouthwatering street food and chaats, Some of them to be listed are Pani puri, Baraf Gola (ice candy kind), Chana masala, Biryani Pulav, and lots more for those junk food lovers.

3.Colaba causeway

3.Colaba causeway/ visit

Are you one of them who thinks shopping is the best form of therapy? Then this place is the dream come true for you. One of the best places to do street shopping. This is the one place in Mumbai which seems like a carnival the entire year. When you want to shop for anything under the sun, this is the place to be. This place is famous for handicrafts, books, jewelry, crystals, brass items, incense, and clothing. When you are shopping here, be on your heels all the time! Sift, bargain, shop, and repeat!

4.Haji Ali dargah

4.Haji Ali dargah

A beautiful mosque and tomb situated in the middle of the ocean are one of the most recognizable landmarks of Mumbai.

People of all faiths are welcome in this mosque. The tomb is a beautiful illustration of the Indo-Islamic style of architecture. After passing through the entrance, you will enter the marble courtyard, the central holy place.

Haji Ali was built by a wealthy Muslim merchant who became a saint named Haji Ali Shah Bukhari. You can indulge yourself in tasting local cuisines like chaat, Mughlai biryani, kebabs.

5.Shri Siddhi Vinayak Mandir

5.Shri Siddhi Vinayak Mandir/ visit

“Ganpati Bappa Morya “ Something Familiar, well it’s famous chanting of every Marathi home. Shree Siddhivinayak Temple, dedicated to Lord Ganesha, is an iconic place of worship in Prabhadevi, Mumbai. The shrine, which is more than 200 years old, is one of the richest temples in India and frequented by celebrities, Bollywood stars, politicians, and commoners alike. This temple is one of the richest temples in the country with the inner roof of its sanctum being plated with gold. The Siddhivinayak Ganesha idol is quite unique and unusual as it was carved out of a single black stone and has Ganesha’s trunk to the right instead of left.

So don’t forget to visit this place.

6.Hanging Garden of Mumbai

6. Hanging Garden of Mumbai

Feeling lost and finding yourself again in the soothing greenery of this beautiful garden.

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, if you are seeking for a place to unwind and relax in Mumbai, the Hanging Gardens would be a nice break. A welcoming spot for kids, the garden is beautiful with a variety of flowers and well-maintained greens all around. These gardens are also known as Pherozshah Mehta Gardens. Few things you should not miss while going there are Capturing a lot of pictures, You will cherish them all and the bird’s eye view of Marine Drive and Chowpatty.

7.Essel world

7.essel world/ visit

One of the most famous and popular amusement parks in the country, Essel World is located in Gorai, close to the capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai. Among all the fun activities that can be enjoyed, the ice skating ring, discotheque, and bowling alley serve as the prime attractions for people. The park has several rides that cater to all age groups. A perfect destination for all, this place attracts almost 10,000 visitors every day. You will find the best variety of food stalls here.

So don’t forget to visit this place.

8.Sanjay Gandhi National Park

8.Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Famed to be one the most liked national parks, visitors throng in thousands to spot Leopards, Macaques, Bears, Lions, Flying fox, Kingfisher, Sunbirds, and a significant number of butterflies here. It is located in Borivali, a suburb of Mumbai. It’s definitely a lifeline, bliss in a chaotic city it is the best place for a relaxing and refreshing weekend to be in with family, friends or solo, it’s a place for everyone. Here one can do a variety of activities from cycling to a safari in the forests, a wonderful place to enjoy a picnic with family, here you feel calm and relaxed after visiting.

9.Marine drive

9. Marine drive/ visit

An indicative of the glamor and glitter of the city, the heart of Mumbai the famous Marine Drive.

It is essentially a 3.6 km long, the arc-shaped boulevard along the South Mumbai coast that starts at the southern end of Nariman Point and ends at Girgaum Chowpatty. One of the most romantic places in Mumbai. Large crowds of people come to this place to stride along the beautiful walkway and to view the stunning sight of the setting sun at dusk. There’s something different every time you visit this place.

10.Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST).Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST)

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST), formerly known as Victoria Terminus (VT), is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a historic railway station located in the heart of Mumbai. Built-in 1888, the station is a grand reminder of the British Raj in India and still one of the most historical landmarks within the Central Business District of Mumbai. It has been a core witness to the city flourishing, businesses blooming, and the Indian film industry growing. It has seen the transition of Bombay to Mumbai. Whether you are looking for budget restaurants, fine diners, or buffet places, Mumbai has it all.

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