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A city driven by power, wealth, glamour and fame having wonderful architecture, museums, beaches, places of worship, and above all, a true galaxy of stars where Bollywood reigns supreme. And when it comes to explore amazing places near this city, there are many beautiful places to visit. There are many wonderful places to visit near Mumbai in summer.

People who live in Mumbai knows how much torturing it is to stay in Mumbai in summer they are very painful, because of the high level of humidity, it is so sticky that you feel the need to bath every hour, and if you had a day in local in such weather then it is like the worst day. There are a lot of places near the city where you can go and get rid of the exhausting weather and fulfill your wanderlust. The places near this city will serve you just the right things to your platter.

We’ve listed down few best picnic spots near Mumbai where you can spend your quality time with your family and friends. Have a look! 

Amazing Places to visit near Mumbai in summer: Best Picnic Spots

1. Lonavala

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  • Distance from Mumbai: 83 km
  • Best time to visit: September to July

If you are searching for the best picnic spot for your weekend then Lonavala is the best choice. It is a popular hill station near Mumbai and Pune. The best time to visit this place is throughout the year, but people generally visit this place during monsoons. With lots of waterfalls and hills around, it is the place for trekkers and hikers.

2. Matheran

  • Distance from Mumbai: 84 km approx
  • Best time to visit: April to May & October to January

If you went to get away from the pollution of the city and the loud honking of the city then this is the place you should visit. Matheran does not allow vehicles inside the city, making it a unique spot to visit. This place is extremely clean and well maintained. It is the best place to escape the summer of Mumbai.

3. Khandala

Credits: Economic Times
  • Distance from Mumbai: 79.8 km 
  • Best time to visit: June to April

We all have heard the name of this place in the song “E kya bolti tu” but have never bothered to search about this amazing place which is situated on the foothills of Sahyadri, with its misty waterfalls, scenic villages, grassy hills, serene lakes is one of the finest places to visit in Mumbai in summer.

4. Kamshet

  • Distance from Mumbai: 100 km 
  • Best time to visit: Cool winters and warm summers

Kamshet also is known as the ‘Paragliders paradise’ is situated 19 km away from Lonavala and Khandala. It is a beautiful place consisting of thatched-roof mud houses and natural scenery without concrete roads. With its sunflower fields and the Karla caves make your experience more amazing.

5. Malshej Ghat

  • Distance from Mumbai: 126.6 km 
  • Best time to visit: June to March.

Here you can witness nature at its best. Trekking lovers love this place a lot. There are two main attractions of this place, one is Shivneri Fort and a 3rd-century Buddhist cave. A place where one person can lighten up, meditate and freshen up the mood. Enjoy sightseeing and beautiful dams at this place. 

6. Lavasa

Credits: DNA India
  • Distance from Mumbai: 186.7 km 
  • Best time to visit: September to March

Lavasa is India’s first planned hill city. It is very close to the Varasgaon Dam, the region consists of ranges filled with dense vegetation. It is home to some very amazing activities like jet skiing, trekking, rock, and climbing, etc.

7. Panchgani

  • Distance from Mumbai: 244 km 
  • Best time to visit: September to April

The literal meaning of Panchgani means the place of 5 hills. Apart from its scenic beauty, this summer resort of Britishers is also famous for the shooting of the movie “Taare Zameen Par”. It is a very beautiful place with hilly terrains on one side of the coastal shores and on the other side beautiful horse carts. This place is an entertainment zone for all kinds of people.

If you are fond of traveling and are looking for places to visit around Mumbai, then listen to the podcasts Mahalaxmi Racecourse, Sassoon Docks, Gateway of India, and get complete updated information. When are you planning for your trip to these exciting places? 


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