Best places for kids to visit in Mumbai

Man has always been of a curious nature since ancient times and his curiosity has also been excessive in traveling. Everyone loves to travel but when it comes to kids, they are most interested in it. If you are searching for places for kids to visit in Mumbai, then let’s see some of them one by one.

1. Zoo of Mumbai

A zoo is a good place for children to roam. This zoo in Mumbai is spread over 50 acres. Here children get to see different animals and birds. Many animals and birds are difficult to see together, so the zoo is the proper place for this.

2. Funshalla Indoor Play Area

This location, located in Shed 2 in the south of Mumbai, is an ideal place for indoor games. It captivates the minds of children. Every type of facility is also provided to the children here. They like this place very much.

3. Kidzania Mumbai

To learn something, it is better to learn while playing. Kidzania believes this. This theme-based game empowers children’s minds along with entertainment. This is a great place for children in Mumbai. They must go here once.                                 Places for kids

4. Haji Ali Dargah

Haji Ali Dargah located in Mumbai is also a good place for children. Along with beauty, unity is seen between different religions. This Dargah is made of glass. People of every religion and caste can come to this amazing dargah without any hindrance. Due to which, a sense of unity is instilled in children along with righteousness. Children must come here once.

5. Taraporewala Aquarium

It is the oldest aquarium in India and is one of the main attractions of the city. More than 420 species of fish are found here. Many types of fish attract the attention of children. Along with entertainment in children, there is intellectual development in identifying fish.

6. Gateway of India

The Gateway of India as a memorial to Adikal adds to the beauty of Mumbai even today. This monument is also famous for the Arabian Sea and pigeons. This place is good enough for children to roam. Here the children get to see many different things as well as the heritage of their country. Somewhere it also helps in increasing the general knowledge of children.

7. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum

The museum, which existed during the British rule in India, is a very good place to visit. It was built in 1905. Many things like old texts, weapons, sculptures, etc. are seen here. Which also connects children to literature.

8. Sewri Jetty

Flamingos fly from Kutch in Gujarat every November and leave in June. Apart from this, birds like Black-Headed River Turn, Green Shank, Crane, Niggle, etc. also come. Their beauty is very attractive. Which children like very much. They get to see many types of birds here.

9. Snow World

Everyone likes to play with snow, this is usually not possible in the plains. But Snow World in Mumbai is a better place to play with snow. The temperature here is around -10 ° C. Also there are options for skating, snow dance, snow play, snow sledding, etc.

10. Adlabs Imagica

This theme park, built-in 2013, is one of the best places for children to visit. There are many good entertainment options available here. Options like the water park, snow park, Novotel Imagica are also available here. Which children like very much. They must visit here once. Children will surely like this place.

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