Ten tana tanaHello Kalakaar,

Be it a book cover, an album cover, or your profile photo, they create an impression. Podcasts and audios are no different. Investing in a good thumbnail is worth every second of your time. We have observed that a good thumbnail increases the clicks on your audio by 30%.

Every Tenth of the month, we will be sharing with you an amazing list of amazing thumbnails from the creative universe of Kuku FM. We hope that these creative pieces inspire you & help you become innovative. And your listeners couldn’t resist singing saying, “Tan Tana Tan…Tan Tan Taara, Thumbnail Dekha aur click mara!” 😉

Note: Following is just a list of thumbnails and not a ranked listicle.

Ten Tana Tan Thumbnails

Using face shows emotions and connects better with the audience. Also making the important word bigger in the title, for a creative touch.

Ten Tana Tan Thumbnails

The bright colors and smiling face of the image convey a light-hearted mood, thereby relating it to the comedy genre

Ten Tana Tan Thumbnails

The focus on the image is on the main character and it is merged with the city skyline ( using appropriate image for the setting is important).

Ten Tana Tan Thumbnails

Using unique poses for love stories, rather than a silhouette, also adding relevant elements depending on the storyline. ( royal frame since the story is about a Prince)

Ten Tana Tan Thumbnails

The image should express the emotions characters are feeling. The way of writing the title is interesting and different.

Your element does not necessarily cover the whole image. Here proportion is appropriate and the color is depicting the mood of the story

An important element is used from the story as a thumbnail along with the dripping blood as a thrill element

The high-quality image does half of the work, coupled up with subtle title makes it appealing.

 Simple. Neat. Monochrome image with interesting elements added to the text.

Keep celebrity images as simple as possible so that our focus is not affected.


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