In simple words, education is gaining knowledge. Education plays a key role in a person’s future, personality, development and career. It can transform the lives of people. Learning continuously throughout life distinguishes us from the rest of the inhabitants of this planet. It is the sole precious asset which one can achieve. One’s thirst to learn more should be infinite. Education cannot be restricted to classrooms or textbooks. But it is a myriad of experiences and knowledge we imbibe throughout the lifespan. It helps us to recognise our skills, which we can use for the welfare of society, country or even the whole world. These educational stories will help you to learn more- 

Tinku’s mother was worried that Tinku wasn’t on talking terms with his best friend Chinki. Whenever Chinki used to call her, he used to refuse. It has been happening for many days. Now, they also didn’t go to school together. Both kids’ mothers were worried. They asked other kids for the reason behind it and got to know that they also didn’t sit together in class. Now, how will their mother solve this problem?

This story is about a boy named Golu. He did not trust his capabilities. One day, He met a Saint. The saint asked about his problem. When Golu told about his problem, the saint gave medicine and said to take this every day. After knowing this, he went to his home. After some months, the problem got resolved. One day, he saw the same saint. The saint told him that he did not give any medicine but a sugar powder. He told Golu that what he lacked was self-confidence. 

It was the season of monsoon. Due to the wind, the leaves used to fall. But the stone named Sheela, which was under the tree didn’t like this. The stone warned the tree, but it continued. The stone got angry and started to crush the leaves. She thought that the tree would apologise to her but nothing much happened. One day she got disturbed and asked the tree why don’t apologize to her. What will be the reaction of the tree?

Shikhar Tak Chalo tries to highlight moral values ​​like positive thinking, non-violence, renunciation, injustice, patriotism, etc. The reader and the protagonist, Shiva tries to travel many worlds. They feel that there is no limit to the country and time. The Anukavrata movement is so cleverly rendered in the character of Shiva that it does not seem to be implicated anywhere. This novel is a perfect illustration of an ideal-oriented realism as well as inspiring. 

Biju lived in a poor house with his grandmother and his dog, Tommy. After completing his tenth class, he wanted to go to Delhi. He read an advertisement in the newspaper for further studies. He told this to his grandmother. But the problem came up, was that How would he survive alone in Delhi? But Kanua Chacha solved this problem. Grandmother was worried that he would also become lazy like other people in Delhi. What would the Grandmother do to solve this problem? 

What makes one successful, determined and a leader? It always has been dependent on one’s habit that leads him to success. This audiobook tells about the path that leads one to develop habits that end up helping one in every aspect of life. Habits are strong and effective; they can change one and his outlook towards the world. It also tells a story of a girl who transformed almost every aspect of her life. 

Uma had a Babool tree, which she used to watch frequently. One day she saw that one bird was frequently visiting that tree. The bird bought twigs in her beak. Uma noticed that she was building a nest. She asked her mother how this bird has managed to build a beautiful nest as compared to the nest of other birds. Her mother answered that this bird is a Baya Weaver, they are famous for building nests. How will Uma react?

The Kite festival was about to arrive, but Jeetu seemed worried. A green coloured kite asked Jeetu about the reason after it. He said that the previous day, his teacher taught him about Global Warming and Climate Change. All the kites got worried after listening to this. He further added that he was also given a project to spread awareness about this environmental damage. And also due to the Covid-19, we have to make this project while staying at home. How will Jeetu make this Project?

Everybody in the house was sleeping except Chehak. She was thinking about what and how many presents she would get the next day on her birthday. She came near the window and saw the plants in the pot. She saw the plant of “The Queen of Night” in one of the pots. The pleasant smell of the plant is coming to her room. She went into the flashback of her previous birthdays. What will further happen?

The Alchemist in Hindi is one of our best education stories available in our collection. It is like a universe of information. The enchanting novel has inspired a devoted audience around the whole world. The story is about an Andalusian shepherd boy known as Santiago, who decides to travel from his homeland in Spain to hot Egypt to find a treasure buried inside the Pyramids. On his way, he meets many spiritual messengers who come in different forms.

The huge mango tree has become very old, but he never fails to provide shelter to everyone. Rather than the other mango tree, it is young and full of mango fruits. But, he is very arrogant. One day, a thunderstorm came into the jungle, the young mage tree fell down and his roots did not give him any support. On the other hand, the old mango tree provided shelter to everyone in the forest.

This is an amazing story of a woman and her daughter. They were happy while living in their home. They had a magical pot. When they used to feel hungry, they gave a command to that pot. Immediately, there would be some food that would appear in that pot. It was supernatural, but their neighbour Ramdas came to know about the magical pot. He stole that pot from the lady’s house.

This story is about two rabbits named Munmun and Chunmun. They were brothers and loved each other heartedly from the bottom of their hearts. But the other animals incited them. They fought with each other and started to live separately. The evil animals of the jungle liked it after Seeing their fight. They infuriated the rabbits, and the rabbits too believed them. How will this fight come to an end?  

The story depicts that if we become afraid of someone, we have to take some courageous decisions. This amazing story is about small creatures, a Tortoise and his wife. Both the tortoises were facing difficulty in living near the banks of the river Ganga. So, they had taken a hard decision to leave the place and settle somewhere else. What will happen to them after taking such harsh steps? 

A frog named Tara had a very small family consisting of herself and her kids. A few days before, her husband was eaten by a snake. Her kids, Pappu and Gappu were very smart. Everybody used to praise them. When they grew up, Tara started teaching them many things like swimming, hunting and jumping. In all these things, her half of the day used to pass by. What will happen next in the story? 


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