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How to find guest for podcast interview?

A podcast interview is in trend nowadays. It is created and being listened very much on the podcast platforms like Kuku FM. If you are a podcast creator and want to create a podcast interview, then this article is for you. The most difficult step of the podcast interviews is to find guests. You work very hard on your podcast but if you are not able to find the right guest, your hard work can be spoiled.

After completely researching your topic, you find someone who has a good command over the topic you choose. But where and how will you find that person is the big question. In this article, we will tell you how you can find a guest for your podcast interview very easily.

1. Social media 

When you conduct deep research on your topic, your mind frames an image of the person with whom you want to take an interview. Now you have to search for the person who is perfect for your podcast interview. You can use social media for this purpose. There are a lot of people who are connected with you on social media. You can choose any one of them to be your guest. If there is no one in your friend list to be your podcast guest, you can call your friends for help. Ask them to share your idea and find a guest for you through their social media platforms. By this, you can find a guest for your podcast interview by using social media.

2. Community and groups

There are a lot of groups and communities available on social media. You can join them according to your podcast topics and needs. After that, whenever you need any person from that group for the podcast interview, you can simply post a note on that relevant group. You can find a specific group of persons also. For example, a group of college students, teachers, housewives, etc. You have to do a bit of hard work a bit to find them, but all the efforts are worth it. After that, you will find a lot of options to find a guest for your podcast interview.

3. Outsourcing

You can also outsource the guest. Outsourcing means to take any service from outside. Nowadays there are some groups and institutes that came into existence who provide the people with the guests they require. You just have to find out about such a service and tell them about your requirement. They will provide you a right and experienced person according to your needs. You can take them to your interview podcast. It makes your work easier. But you have to pay for it. Also such kind of service is not very trendy yet.

4. Newspaper


You can also find a guest with the help of a newspaper. Try to read out the editorials or articles etc. in any newspaper. After that try to connect with them. Try to contact them and tell them about your podcast and topic, and invite them for the interview. It will affect your podcast in a very positive way. And also it will improve the content quality of your podcast.

5. Personal contacts

Your personal contacts can also help you to find guests for your podcast interview. We have a lot of contacts. We may not be able to be in touch or connection with everyone we know. But some people are there in our contact who are famous or working for a very long time in a particular industry. We can take their interview for the podcast. To be in touch or connection with them can be a matter of benefit for you. This kind of person will make your podcast much better and also you have no need to do any hard work in order to find guests for your podcast. Being in touch with these people can help you with your podcast and with your personal relations as well. That’s why it is advised to be in touch with the people who are doing something great in their own respective fields. Contacts with such people help you in every aspect of your life.


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