Crime Audiobooks give an insight about the criminals that have made their names but in the world of wrongdoing.

Crime audiobooks have crime stories, intense courtroom drama, and much more.

These audiobooks are a great way to kill time and reveal the criminal psychology behind an act. Here, we have crime-based audiobooks in Hindi based on real-life events. These audiobooks are a sneak peek into the hard-core forensic explanation about why some people dare to homicide, murder, thefts or any other act. So, here we have two crime audiobooks that you must not miss.

1. Raman Raghav – India’s first Serial Killer in Hindi | हिन्दी मे | KUKUFM

Raman Raghav was a serial killer who was also known by the name of Sindhi Talwai, Anna, Thambi, and Veluswami active during the mid-1960s. It is said that Raghav went on a killing spree for more than three years in the 1960s, spreading a sense of fear amongst the citizens of the entire city. There were several incidents where beggars and homeless men were badly assaulted by the crowd in fear that they were the culprits. The murders specifically happened these two times, the first one is between 1965 and 1966 when 19 people were attacked and the second round of killings happened in 1968. On 27 August, a sub-inspector from Mr Kulkarni’s team recognised Raman from photographs and descriptions given by the survivors of his attack. To know more about this criminal and how he was caught or was he ever caught? Listen to Raman Raghav Audiobook.

2. अरुण गवली: मुंबई का डॉन | लेखिका – शीला रावल in Hindi

Arun Gawli aka Arun Gulab Ahir, was an Indian politician, underworld don and former gangster. Gawli and his brother Kishor became a part of the Mumbai underworld in the 1970s when they joined the “Byculla Company”, a criminal gang led by Rama Naik and Babu Reshim, operating actively in the central Mumbai areas of Byculla, Parel and Saat Rasta.

In 1988, after the killing of Rama Naik in a police encounter, Gawli took over the gang and began operating it from his residence, Dagdi Chawl. Under his control, the gang executed many criminal activities in the central Mumbai areas. In the late eighties and nineties, Gawli’s gang got involved in a power tussle with Dawood Ibrahim’s D-Company gang. To know more about him, tune into this audiobook.


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