A gripping crime and thriller audiobook is the perfect way to make a boring commute or long drive that is a bit more exciting and if they are Indian crime audio books then goosebumps can’t be prevented. There’s something inherently compelling about a mystery. From psychological thrillers to classic crime fiction, here is our selection of the best crime and thriller audiobooks. There are so many enthralling thrillers that picking out 5 Best Indian Crime Audio Books in Hindi are difficult but still we have managed to list the best Indian Thriller books in Hindi. 

Indian Criminal audio books in Hindi
Credits – Podtail

Looking for a new listen? These are the 5 best and unique indian crime audio books in hindi guaranteed to give you chills.

1. Chakravyuh by Mohan Maurya in the voice of RJ Nitin

If you are a fiction and politics lover then do listen to this audiobook, it will give you chills. In this audiobook, you will see how tie-ups between police and government go hand in hand. In uncertain times, fiction can be better at politics than politicians, want to know more, and click it.

2. Badi jassosi kahaniya by bhavishya Kumar Sinha, voice artist RJ Nikhil

Bored with reading, want to hear, and enjoy then go and check this out. And if you are a mystery lover then go give it a try; this is the combination of all selected writers like Arnold Bennett, O Henry, and G. K. Chesterton. As humans, we love being strung along, having small parts of a story revealed to us slowly. This is why mystery novels sell so well.

3. Sherlock Holmes – Dost ya Dushman

A brilliant book for those who love reading thrillers, mysteries, and crimes. It consists of Engaging plots with bizarre characters, Sherlock is your man if you love murder mysteries. Here in this audio play by the DRAMATECH group, you will enjoy the story of the speckled Band in Hindi.

4. Akhiri Satya by Nidhi Purohit in the voice of Apurva Lagoti

Listen to this amazing story; I am damn sure you are not going to leave it until you finish it. The writer has beautifully plotted the meaning of love and religion. The description is crystal clear and you will easily imagine all the incidents.

5. Sherlock Holmes – Bindiyon Wala Patta

DRAMATECH is back with another episode of the speckled band in Hindi. Even after so many years since its publication, the story is so gripping and the language is so beautiful and precise that everyone is a fan of it. In this audio play, you will enjoy every moment listening to the acting skills of all characters.


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