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7 Popular podcasts of KUKU FM

Life can sometimes be so busy sometimes that we forget to pamper ourselves. Pampering is not always limited to psychical; in fact, emotional pampering is very essential yet neglected in today’s life.

It’s true that for every mood, there’s a song written or music made, but does that really help you figure out a solution? Does that change your vision in life? Do you learn something from it? While music has its own amazing calming effects, there are certain things that only a podcast can help in. For every mood of yours, we have a playlist for you.                                Popular podcasts

Here are some top 7 curated list that will bring a smile on your face today.

1. Slice of Life

In this Busy life, there might be times when we get depressed and require a dose of motivation to pump ourselves to get back to our daily lives full of energy. Who believes “Life is radio, not a music player. Meaning life does not move the way you want it to. So enjoy every slice of your life without regret.”

This Hindi podcast is published every day which teaches us the way to live life.

2. Zindagi jine ke secrets

‘Zindagi jine ke secrets’ a Hindi podcast by RJ Riddhi in her absolutely sweet voice. She delivers secrets to living life in a very charismatic style that attracts listeners. This podcast show is of 20 min on KUKU FM, which teaches people how to tackle real-life issues. This show simply explains that everyone has some or the other problem in their life, but overcoming those problems with some magic tricks can make wonders in your life.

3. Dream analysis

Ever wondered why you always get a particular dream? Have you noticed a pattern in your dream? Dreams sometimes leave us in a fairytale, sometimes scare us and at times leave us with ample unanswered questions. Those questions are answered by a renowned Psychologist, Dr. Mittali Barot. This playlist is available in the Hindi language and usually has each episode of 5-10 mins. She explains and talks about dreams and how to interpret them.

4. Audio Meditation

Concentration is extremely important in one’s life and we all are aware of it. Such an important topic is explained in the easiest way on KUKU FM. Audio meditation is the playlist where Puja Lahauti in her 10 min podcast, provides spiritual healing. This Hindi playlist helps one to concentrate and meditate. It also tells us how concentration and meditation can help us to solve the prevailing problems of our lives. Simultaneously it tells how to keep peace within ourselves and get least affected by outer happenings. A new episode of this podcast is available every 2-3 days.

5. 5 ka punch

Amongst the 7 most popular podcasts, the fifth ranking is 5 ka punch. In this, you will witness the most Bollywood driven RJ Raj Shrivastav. The quiz has a very interesting format where the host asks you 5 questions related to a Bollywood topic. Play this quiz to know how deep and enhanced your Bollywood knowledge is. Eventually, this is a 5-15 min Bollywood quiz show broadcasted on KUKU FM. If you consider yourself a Bollywood king, this is the place to test it.

6. Yaadein bhooli bisari

This podcast has ample content that drives your memory back to old times and brings to you various Bollywood retro talks. This Hindi podcast is of 20 min and is delivered by RJ Khanak where She brings to us all the sweet and sour news. There are interesting stories and some hidden secrets of all the vintage actors, actresses, directors, singers, and much more.

7. 10 on 10

If you want to move ahead in life, and wish to do something great. Then you need not curse your situation and your luck. Instead, you should prepare yourself to move ahead. And for that, you need a guide. KUKU FM’s recently launch playlist “10 on 10” acts as your mentor and guides you through various hurdles in life. This Hindi podcast by RJ Apurva Lahoti not only motivates you but also fills you up with optimism. So next time when life seems uncertain, you know what to listen.

So these were the 7 most popular podcasts of KUKU FM. These podcasts show are not just the source of entertainment, rather they help to enhance the skills, motivate and bring a positive lifestyle.


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