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Everyone wants to go viral in the age of the internet. Every day, special videos, audios, or photos go viral. If you are an artist, you may want to create such viral content. And this question may come to you often!

This question becomes even bigger if you are a podcast creator. Because photos, videos or any other content can easily go viral, but you don’t usually see podcasts going viral. If you are a podcast content creator, in this article we will discuss how to create viral content for podcasts and how to make your podcast viral.

Viral content is usually more unique than normal content. To create viral content for your podcast, you need to think of something different than a normal podcast. Now we will examine some tips for creating viral content on podcasts.

1. The subject is important

The theme of your podcast has the biggest hand in the publicity of your podcast. Your podcast won’t take long to flop if your content lacks power.

Try making a podcast on a controversial topic. Keep your content out of controversy, but choose a topic that is known as controversial. By doing so, people will listen to your content more and more and you will be more likely to succeed in your goal of creating viral content.

2. Attractive name and thumbnail

If you keep the name of your podcast simple, then the response it gets will also be normal. Name each of your podcasts unique and different from other producers. This will attract more listeners to your podcast and more and more people will come to listen to it. Also, the thumbnail of the podcast should be chosen in such a way that it will not only create a fascination about your content but will also be very attractive to look at. As a result, the more people who see the thumbnail of your podcast, the more curious they become. Click here to learn more about podcast thumbnails. The thumbnail in the podcast serves as the face of your podcast. If the face of the podcast is attractive, there is no doubt that people will understand that the content in the podcast is more attractive.

3. Choose guests carefully for the interview

If you are creating a podcast in an interview format, or if you want to invite a guest to your podcast, choose the guest carefully. Include a guest who is involved in an argument or is too famous. It is also important to see if the guest you choose is relevant to the topic you choose. People are more inclined to listen to famous or controversial people.

Secondly, the statements of these people may be more important than others which can make your content viral. By doing so, viral content will be created for your podcast. It is also possible that by doing so, you too can become very popular

4. Fame

This is the most important step in making podcasts popular or content viral. If your content is unique and gets the right publicity, you can make your podcast viral.

Today, social media is emerging as the best option for publicity. You can take full advantage of it. You can let people know about it by promoting your podcast on social media. This will also increase the number of listeners to your podcast, and if someone likes your work, they can go viral overnight.

In addition to all this, it is also important to have a platform where your podcast can reach as many people as possible.

KUKU FM is one such platform. More than one lakh people listen to podcasts here every day. By creating your podcast channel on this platform, you can be sure that your content will reach more people.


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