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How to promote podcast from Instagram and Facebook? 

In the digital world, almost everyone is connected with social media. A big part of our population is active on social media platforms. In such cases, the market of social media can be a strong base for promotion and advertising. Advertising anything on social media fetches focus and attraction much more than other platforms. If you want to promote podcasts, then social media can be a better option. In this article, we will tell you how you can use the most active platform of social media, which is Instagram and Facebook to promote your podcast.

1. Instagram

This is a platform, where the ‘youth’ spends most of their time. If your podcast’s content is related to the younger generation, then promoting it on Instagram can be a great option. For this, you have to create an Instagram handle of your podcast and then follow some steps. Follow the steps given below and find out the right way to promote your podcast.

a. Public account 

keep the Instagram account of your podcast public. By this, more and more people will be able to follow your page and know about your podcast.

b. Right hashtags

 hashtags are the biggest weapon for Instagram promotion. To make your podcast reach more people, you should master the art of using the right hashtags. While promoting podcasts on Instagram, keep in mind that the right hashtag can make your podcast popular in very less time.

c. Creative and regular posts 

try to post something every day on the Instagram page of your podcast. Your posts should be creative and attractive. By this, your followers will know how active your podcast is.

d. Insta story and live 

insta story is a great way to get the attraction. People tend to focus more on stories than posts. Make your followers know about the upcoming content of your podcast by stories. You can also come live on Instagram. It will help you to communicate with your listeners directly.

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2. Facebook

Facebook can make you connect with a lot of people at a single time. To promote podcasts, Facebook can be a good option. To promote a podcast on Facebook, you have to create a Facebook page. You can get people of every age and group on Facebook. Facebook promotion is quite easy as compared to promoting podcasts on other platforms. You just have to keep in mind the following things. After that, you will be able to promote your podcast better.

a. Make a page

this is the first step towards facebook podcast promotion. First of all, you have to create the Facebook page of your podcast. Remember that you have to make Facebook ‘page’ and not Facebook I’d. Keep the option of like and follow there.

b. Promote your page

ask your friends to like your page. Also, request them to share and promote the page by more and more people. You can also send the invite to like your page to your friends and other people.

c. New episode’s info

post the information about your upcoming podcast on your page. It will help you to get more and more listeners.

d. Facebook live and suggestions

Try to come live from your Facebook page frequently. By this, you will get to know your listeners in a better way. You will also get a chance to connect directly with your followers and listeners. In this, you can also ask suggestions for your podcast to your listeners.

e. Story and hashtags 

The value of stories and hashtags on Facebook is equivalent to Instagram. Post stories regularly on the Facebook page of your podcast. Using the right hashtags on your Facebook page can also help you get more and more listeners.

This way, you can use Instagram and Facebook for your podcast promotion. When you follow these tips, you will find that the number of your listeners has increased. The platform, where you host your podcast also matters. After hosting your podcast at Kuku FM, you can be assured that you will get more listeners. Almost 1 lakh people hear Kuku FM every day. So, there are full chances that you will get more and more listeners if they like your content! Work hard and promote right, and you will get more listeners.


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