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Mass Confusion

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Mass Confusion in english | undefined undefined मे |  Audio book and podcasts
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Dread going to church? Feel restless and bored during mass? Cringe at the hypocrisy often found in organized religion? This book offers a fresh perspective for those seeking answers. a quick and compelling read for anyone who daydreams in the pew and can't wait until the mass is over; resents or is confused by a rigid list of out-of-touch dos and don'ts; has been hurt or alienated by their church; and believes that church is irrelevant for real people with real problems. Mass Confusion reveals how an unlikely pilgrim—a corporate attorney turned hospice nurse—was finally able to grasp the life-changing truths of her faith. After 40 years of drifting in and out of the church, Susan Dolan experienced a life-transforming event that led her to renew her spirituality, return to her faith, and rediscover joy and peace—in the midst of the Catholic Church's ravaging sexual abuse crisis that caused untold thousands to reject the Church. Discover what happened to Susan and how it can impact your life, too.
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