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एक लड़के का जीवन और उसका संघर्ष COVID-19 के खिलाफ अपनी लड़ाई के लिए। आवाजें जो आपको अंदर से झकझोर कर रख देंगी, अगर आप सिर्फ कहानी नहीं सुनते बल्कि कहानी की आत्मा को महसूस करते हैं। इसकी एक यात्रा जो लाखों लोगों से बात करेगी। सुरक्षित रहें - घर पर रहें। [विशेष ऑडियो क्रेडिट इंडिया टुडे और दी इकनोमिक टाइम्स को जाता है [Special Audio credit goes to India Today & The Economic Times for providing us with quality and credible audio bytes through their youtube news outlets.] Voiceover Artist : Apurva Lahoti Voiceover Artist : Raj Shrivastava Producer : KUKU FM A COVID-19 SAGA - MY PANDEMIC JOURNEY in Hindi, is one of our best motivation stories available in Hindi in our catalogue. This story is created by Raj Shrivastava. Raj Shrivastava is a prominent personality known for anchoring motivation stories. It becomes difficult for anyone to sustain under harsh circumstances. A Hand of support and some words of encouragement can change the view of a person to fight the odds at the face. If you’re unable to find the ray of hope around you then listening to our collection on motivation will help you in treating our sadness. Hold back your anxiety, take a breath of relief and lend your ears to our audio. Listening to the Motivational stories is the best way to rejuvenate your inner-self. We understand that our users emotionally connect with the audios more when it is in their language. Hence, we offer a variety of motivation stories in different languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Telugu, Marathi, Bangla, etc. These motivation stories are available for free and can be downloaded and saved on our app. And the best part is that you can access it while traveling, while working out in the gym, and doing anything, anywhere at any point of time be it early morning or late at night. So, stream, download, and enjoy the ad-free experience.

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1 Episode 66 mins

My Pandemic Journey - An Exclusive Documentary

2 Episode 1 mins

My Pandemic Journey - PROMO