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4: Call Centre Stories : Episode 4 in hindi

Show: Call Centre Stories

We've all heard, read and seen wonderful stories on television, in theatres or from our loved ones. MnM Talkies Podcast brings a new bunch of storytellers who we all seem to love to hate.  Life at the other end of the line, real life call centre stories so good that you just won't hang up on them anymore. Every call centre has it's ‘funny' and 'emotional' moments, when speaking to a customer. We spoke to a number of call centre agents to find out their most unforgettable ones. #StayTuned We are ready when you say "HELLO"! :P Comedy One attempts to be that ultimate 'everyday escape' from drudgery. A break from the usual humdrum and that release from unnecessary stress to lighten up, crack up, laugh out loud or even roll on the floor laughing. To stay stress-free, listen to comedy stories on Call Center Episode 4 in Hindi. In this audio, Vishal Dhave, who is a desktop engineer in America, narrates a considerable comedy incident that happened with him. In this comedy incident, Vishal's client's desktop gets spoiled, which even Vishal himself was not able to repair, but the desktop gets repaired automatically by turning off the lights. Even the customer also started laughing on his own silliness. Kuku FM offers short and comedy call center episode stories for you. So listen to this call of humor and madness, it is our responsibility to make you laugh. This call center episode is very important for you to listen, as the experience of one is knowledge to another, this call not only makes you laugh, but also tells you how your desktop can be repaired. So listen to the most comedy and funny call in your own language hindi. To hear an online comedy story, open Kuku FM and listen to Call Center Episode 4 in Hindi.