Drama is a valuable tool for training kids to live and work in a world that is becoming increasingly TEAM-ORIENTED rather than hierarchical. Drama also aids in the development of TOLERANCE and EMPATHY in students. An actor must be able to totally occupy another’s soul in order to play a character properly.

Not only this, dramas are amazingly interesting and fun to listen or watch to and thus, we present you a list of top drama podcasts which will be extremely entertaining to watch.

  1. Film Companion

Film Companion is made for all those people who are big fans of Bollywood. It talks in-depth about the different shades of Bollywood. Bollywood is a place full of glitz and glamour. It’s a place where happenings call up for a big highlighted buzz. Bollywood podcasts are a great way to serve your cravings to know about the world of entertainment. Movie reviews, interviews, music, spicy gossips, and insider stories, what not you get to listen to in Bollywood Podcasts.

  1. Dear Shweta

Dear Shweta, I know many people are trolling Shweta on internet amidst #ShwetaMicOnHai #ShwetaMicOffKar #ShwetaMicBandKar #ShwetaBewbhaiHai #ShwetaMemes, my letter is raising some questions against it. This letter is a voice for you, a desired voice. It is an attempt to find the Shweta inside us that lives in all of us, but as always we are questioning her. Sorry, Shweta, and thanks Shweta for letting us know the importance of the microphone.

  1. एक दिन, जब अखबार नहीं आया

 We have seen many people who are heavily addicted to newspapers. If they do not get to read the newspaper, their days seem incomplete which makes them extremely angry that they scream on the silliest thing. This podcast is based on a similar podcast where you will see what happened when the protagonist did not get a newspaper on that day.

  1. Bioscope

Bioscope is another movie review podcast show but it doesn’t limit itself to movie reviews, it also focuses on various other interesting things about movies and where you can get more drama compared to Bollywood movies. Thus, this becomes a great drama podcast show to listen to.

  1. The Binge Watcher

The Binge Watcher is one of our best drama podcasts available in Hindi. This podcast is created by Siddivya. Siddivya is very famous for his/her drama and cinema podcasts. Her ways of telling the issues are very dramatic which becomes very interesting and fun to listen to.

  1. Dil ki Baatein

As the title may have made it clear to the drama of these podcasts. When it comes to the feelings of your heart, everything becomes a drama. This human heart hides too many feelings in it and all these feelings combined makes a great drama. This is why Indian daily soaps becomes huge hit. Listen to this entertaining drama podcast and enjoy every bit of it.

  1. पुरानी डायरी (नज़्म)

Some people are habitual of writing diaries in which they write out everything they feel. Such people only can tell you how valuable a diary can be. It has all the secrets of that person, his crush, his likes, his dislikes and what not. This podcast relives the old memories of a person through his old diary. Listen to this podcast and enjoy all the drama.

All these podcasts are available on KuKu FM and you can listen to them anytime you want.


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