Leadership is the most important element of any venture, because leaders are the decision maker and the risk taker on behalf of the team. In other forms leadership is also seen as motivating people to achieve a common goal or initiating a task which hampers a group of people. Well it’s very important to hone leadership skills, and to know what precautions you need to take as a leader before entering into the respective field. So here are some of the best podcasts on leadership skills which can help you out.

  1. How to improve our communication skills- interviews

 “How to improve our communication skills”. In this episode, we have discussed how to be a master at interviews. We have discussed some do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind before appearing for your next interviews. Listen to it and don’t forget to share the episode.

  1. TABAAHI-Akash Thakur

High power rap song which can help you find your energy and head towards your goal. Listen to this podcast by Akash Thakur. Rap is the new form of songs which is being recognized especially by youth and what better way then rap to keep them motivated and teach lessons of leadership.

  1. Sumaira Abdulali – FOUNDER NGO AWAAZ

 It discusses and informs its listeners about our role in the society in regards to emancipating the present status-quo of the feeble and being inclusive in approach. It helps to make informed choices. You will learn how an NGO can change a lot many things in life but to run it requires skills.

  1. AG Show 

In this podcast you will learn why one should take risks and it is essential in life. The host proves his point through a story about two monkeys. The story is enthralling and teaches you a great lesson.

  1. How to get anything done with extraordinary performance.
    This podcast will explain to you a step by step system through which you can achieve your goals. And also it will help you to change your habits and understand the path to success. 
  1. Yes You

This is a motivational song which asks you if someone has achieved what you dream of and then why can’t you do that. It is an mesmerizing song and gives your hard work a push.

  1. Life Sahi Hai in Hindi

This podcast will help you to become a better person and to look at the world with a positive approach. This is a highly inspiring and informative podcast.

  1. Jaab Bhi Man Dukhi Ho To Isse Sulena 

In this podcast you will listen to Shree Krishna Neeti. This will tell you all about lord Krishna and synergise you with positive energy.

  1. Bharat Pyara Desh Hamara 

This is a poem on patriotism, which describes the beauty of India and how it is the best country in the world.  

  1. INDIA vs CHINA 

Politics is an avenue for a common person to enter into the rule-making domain and contribute towards the growth of the nation as a whole. Political Podcasts are helpful for the listeners to make informed and aware choices. When it comes to analyzing the performance of a political leader by experts, then, podcasts are a great option. 

  1. Dhoni’s first Interview as Captain of Team India

Dhoni’s first Interview as Captain of Team India talks about the world of sports, its events, and its players. Sports podcasts are a great way to discuss the aftermath of a match. It discusses the game-plan, its execution, and what went right or wrong in between. Not only this, you will get a chance to know more closely about the players and their life. 

  1. Muskesh Ambani Candid with Rajdeep Sardesai

This Podcast is created by Secret of Success. Secret of Success is well known for his motivational podcasts. This Muskesh Ambani Candid with Rajdeep Sardesai. podcast will help you live life with positivity. It not only talks about self-motivation but also, how to keep up with a positive attitude.


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