In the times of hectic schedules and over-burdened work, prioritizing health is at stake. Kuku Fm brings you the Best Podcast in Hindi on Health where our ultimate health tips will bring you back to a fitter you. What Health podcasts hold up for you? Kuku Fm brings you the Best Podcast in Hindi on Health where our ultimate health tips will bring you back to a fitter you. What Health podcasts hold up for you?Kuku Fm brings you the Best Podcast in Hindi on Health where our ultimate health tips will bring you back to a fitter you. What Health podcasts hold up for you?Health podcasts are based on the benefits that the world of Food, Ayurveda, and Exercise keeps for you. Not only does it talk about physical health but mental health too. 

If you are looking for the best health podcasts, let me tell you, your search is over and you are at the right place.

Here is the list of 25 best Health Podcasts that you must listen to!

  1. टिप्स सेहत के लिए in Hindi

Here are some basic health care tips that you can adapt and make your life easy. If the old people and children often get a cough. Then, you should use onion juice with honey or jaggery. Take it three times a day. If you are suffering from Constipation. Then, Guava fruit is the cure. Take four guavas and sprinkle some salt on it. Do it for ten days and you will surely see the difference. Consumption of Papaya’s seeds is great for your eyes. You can dry the Papaya’s seeds and make a powder. Then have it with water. Or you can simply chew them.To know more about these health care tips, you can tune into the podcast टिप्स सेहत के लिए in Hindi by Aman Kharkia.

  1. How to take precautions against Corona? in Hindi

‘How to Take Precaution Against Corona’ is neither a story, nor an anecdote, but it is a list of precautions made for your protection, in which our R. J. Raj Srivastava will tell you the list of all precautions and will also show the sequence of tasks related to them. If you do not want to fall prey to Corona, then listen to this podcast ‘How to Take Precautions Against Corona’ now.

  1. मन की मेधा, एपिसोड-31 | खुश रहिए, क्योंकि हमारे पूर्वजों ने सिखाया खुश रहना in Hindi

Do not go to the Happiness Index being built around the world, look at your home, family, neighborhood, in fact we know how to be happy in every situation. If you too have not understood this yet, then listen to Dr. Medhavi Jain in this episode of Healthshots Podcast Man Ki Medha. You can listen to मन की मेधा, एपिसोड-31 खुश रहिए, क्‍योंकि हमारे पूर्वजों ने सिखाया खुश रहना पॉडकास्ट in Hindi on our platform.

  1. Mental Fitness – Exercise Karo Na with Glenn – EP 1 in Hindi

Along with physical health, mental health is also important. This is not just a sentence, it is the truth. You can never be happy without taking your mental health well. You may have everything in life, you will have all the comforts, but if you are not mentally healthy then you can never be happy. Listen to this series and know about mental health and its impact on our lives.

  1. Healthy tips in Hindi

Healthy tips in Hindi, is one of our best podcasts on Health available in Hindi in our catalog. Healthy tips gives us some amazing health tips. Our busy life makes us miss out on so many things. And maintaining good health is one of them. There is always a rush for living a good and luxurious life but only a few people get time to live a healthy life. This health podcast talks not just about healthy tips but also helps us in understanding what is good for our health and what’s not.

  1. भड़ास निकालना भी है जरूरी | नेगेटिव एनर्जी को पॉजिटिव तरीके से इस्तेमाल करने का नुस्खा in Hindi

So much anger, so much suffocation and stress, it is dangerous not only for the peace of home but also for your health. Because the anger you are exerting on others is bothering you first. It is better to exert it in a positive way.  Life coach Dr. Medhavi Jain is telling in this podcast, how to use negative energy in a positive way. So listen to this podcast today and learn how to vent your anger.

  1. Meditation [class-9] in Hindi

By practising meditation we can improve our concentration and decrease our stress level. It is considered as the best way to stay calm and relax. Listen to the podcast ‘Meditation [Class 9]’ in Hindi to learn basic meditation techniques. Our mind is filled with several thoughts, some might be positive and others might be negative. How to deal with all these thoughts? Are you one of them who gets nervous very easily? All your problems will be solved through meditation. This podcast will guide you through basic meditation steps and how to practice them in real life.

  1. First Look of Meditation  in Hindi

In this fast running world, we all need to ease our minds. We want our minds to be tension free and at peace. It is a distant dream, especially at the present times, where we have made our minds toxic and filled with negativity. If you also want your mind back on track and focus, away from fickleness, then you must listen to the health podcast- First Look of Meditation in Hindi.

  1. Deep Nutrition

This incredible book is written by Catherine Shanahan M.D. and Luke Shanahan. The book comes out to be highly beneficial for fitness freaks. It may have happened to you that you were accustomed to eating prepackaged food with low calories and low fat, but was it of any use? Don’t worry! Listen to the podcast Deep Nutrition. Deep Nutrition answers various questions, such as- Why do your genes need traditional food? Our forefathers didn’t adhere to any diet plan, but still, they lived a healthy life, this is solely because they consumed natural products. This podcast will tell you that artificial food cannot be the alternative for natural products. The book will explain to you about a healthy life and the secret of long life. So what are you waiting for, just go for it.

  1. Health Talk with Eye Specialist – Dr. Deepa Nibhane  in Hindi

Listen to ‘‘Health Talk With Eye Specialists’’. One thing which is most important in our life but is often neglected is Health. So Kuku FM has brought to you a podcast about your health. Listening to this will help you to detect the type of signals your body is trying to give to you. In this podcast Dr Deepa Nibhane joined Apoorva to tell the masses about how to take care of your eyes.

  1. BIRD FLU की सच्चाई  in Hindi

Bird flu, also called avian influenza, is a viral infection that can infect not only birds, but also humans and other animals. Most forms of the virus are restricted to birds. H5N1 is the most common form of bird flu. Listen to this exclusive podcast on the truth behind Bird Flu. An informative and awareness oriented initiative with KuKu FM!

  1. Healthy Khana – Exercise Karo Na with Glenn – EP 3 in Hindi

Good food is the first step towards good health.  Along with exercise, good food is also necessary for a healthy body.  Listen to this episode and know how even simple food can make you healthy. You can listen to this podcast on our platform for absolutely free. So what are you waiting for, listen to this podcast in Hindi today and also share it with your friends.

  1. Mental Fitness – Exercise Karo Na with Glenn – EP 1 in Hindi

Mental health is a very big concern in present times. People may seem very happy from their face but in reality, they have become lonely and depressed. Who might have thought that the always smiling actor like Sushant will commit suicide? What was left in his life that he hadn’t achieved? He was giving back to back hit films and earning crores but ultimately took his own life. This shows that it doesn’t matter how comfortable your life is, there will always be something that will bother you. You need to fight with all this and for this you need to be mentally strong. There are many exercises that can help you in maintaining good mental health. For the above purpose, you should listen to ‘Mental Fitness Exercise Karo Na with Glenn EP 1’ on our platform right now.

  1. तुरंत वेट बढ़ाने के उपाय in Hindi

There are some who want to get slim and then, there are those as well who want to gain weight. There are so many pages on different platforms telling you tips  to get slim. You get ample exercise options and diet plans to lose your weight. It is a fact that the fat body mass and this body mass is a sign of underlying health issues. In this health podcast- Turant Weight Badhane Ke Upay, learn the tips on how to gain weight.

  1. सेहत का राज़

This is a very special podcast for kids. In this podcast, the importance of good health as well as the Benefits of good health has been described. Today we are feeling that our young children are ignoring their health. They spend more time watching Mobile phones and computers. These types of habits have a bad effect on their health. I hope by listening and following these tips children will be motivated to take good care of their health.

  1. मन की मेधा, एपिसोड-34 | क्या है जरूरी शक्ति की उपासना या उसे धारण करना in Hindi

Power not only destroys, it also creates, nurtures and nourishes us. This power protects us from difficulties in times of disaster. In this episode of Man Ki Medha, Dr. Medhavi Jain is telling what is the worship of the essential power or wearing it. Listen to this podcast today and know more about power.

  1. ये हैं गिरते बालों के बेस्ट टिप्स in Hindi

How many times you look at yourself in the mirror and say ‘I can’t see my hair like this, can somebody help me! Well, we have something exciting for you, here is the best health podcast discussing all the different methods that can stop hair fall. Listen to this podcast “Yeh hai girte baalo ke best tips” in Hindi. Hair fall can be due to different reasons, listen to this health podcast in Hindi and know about them.

  1. CoronaVirus : Aakhir, zimmedar kaun? in Hindi

The whole world is suffering from high death rates, economic slowdown due to the spread of Coronavirus. Everybody is waiting for the day when the spread of COVID 19 will reduce to nil. But who is the one responsible for the spread of Coronavirus? Figure out the reason behind the spread of Coronavirus by listening to the podcast in Hindi. The world is suffering and deteriorating day by day.The wounds given by Coronavirus will not be forgotten and the one responsible should be punished. So, listen to the audio and figure out who is responsible. Coronavirus belongs to China, but what was the reason for the spread of Coronavirus? Did China use Coronavirus as a biological weapon or was it just a mistake?

  1. गुस्से पर काबू कैसे पाये। How to control anger in Hindi

Are you unable to control your anger?  Do you get angry at every little thing and regret after being calm? This is very common, often we get angry when things are not as per our wish. But we must control our anger, otherwise it can prove very harmful for us. With this podcast available on our platform, you can easily overcome anger. Listen to this podcast today for free.

  1. अकेलेपन को दूर करने का आसान तरीका ! in Hindi

Today, as the amenities in life are increasing, man is becoming lonely. A person has a lot of external happiness but his mind is not calm, in spite of having everything he is always troubled. Loneliness is a very big problem that makes a person hollow inside.  After all, how to overcome it?  How to get rid of loneliness? If you want to know the answer to this question then you must listen to this podcast.

  1. सीखिए physicalऔर mental fitness in Hindi

Along with physical fitness in your life, it is very important to have mental fitness. Know how a party animal became a fitness trainer, and listen closely to his spiritual journey. सीखिए physical और mental fitness in Hindi, is a must-listen for everyone who intends to seek motivation for health.

  1. How To Gain Weight Fast 

How to gain weight in a healthy way: your complete guide! Although being lean can often be healthy, being underweight can also be a concern if it is a result of poor nutrition!  Being underweight can cause health problems.  With a balanced approach, there are many ways to gain and maintain a healthy weight.  Topics covered in these health podcasts are: – Examples of low weight gain, real meaning of weight gain, weight gain tips, overview of foods you can eat, high calorie power smoothie, sample diet plan, weight gain hack etc.

  1. Dengue | डेंगू in Hindi

This podcast is created by Dr. Vaidya’s. Dr. Vaidya’s is well-known for anchoring podcasts on Health. Dengue podcast gives us some amazing health tips. In this podcast Ayurvedic expert Arjun Vaidya will talk about dengue, and then discuss its symptoms and some natural remedies. Listen to this podcast now.

  1. Have you received SOS signals? in Hindi

Rush and lots of rush is all we see in today’s fast-paced world. Result centric mentalities are invading our happiness every day by consuming our peace. To accomplish the never-ending race we often leave and forget our health and betterment. Despite all the efforts life makes to let us know the collapse we still avoid it. In this health podcast, we have discussed the Call For Help signal our mind and body give. How to acknowledge it and some evergreen amendments to keep us sane and in the race while being utmost productive at the same time. Do listen and share the podcast.

  1. लंग कैंसर से बचने के उपाय

This podcast outlines the ways to avoid lung cancer. If you are suffering from lung cancer, you can try to keep yourself healthy by adopting the tips mentioned in this podcast.  This podcast also describes the ways you can keep your lungs healthy. So what are you waiting for, listen  to this podcast now?  This podcast will definitely help you.


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