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Gorkha Regiment in अंग्रेज़ी

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Their fury and loyalty are legendary, and their regimental histories are filled with heroic deeds and selfless sacrifices. The Gorkhas have a distinct reputation for being fierce warriors, and the mere threat of one of their kukri knives has made enemies around the world cower in fear. The Gorkhas have been fighting on the frontlines for over 300 years, and these small but incredibly tough fighters have proven their bravery in battles ranging from the Indian Mutiny to Afghanistan to Kosovo. The Gorkha soldiers have been forged by the fires of history to become what they are today. This special series portrays the rich history and culture of Gorkhas in all its vibrancy while also glancing at the struggles this gallant community faces. Listen to the astounding story of one of the world's most ferocious, competent, and efficient military units.
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