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“Chained To You” unfurls the scintillating tale of Minnie Adams, the formidable CEO of Thrive Ventures, and her unwavering bodyguard, Mike Warner. Their clandestine affair ignites into an inferno of passion after Minnie surrenders her virginity to Mike in a moment of unexpected ecstasy. Against the backdrop of cutthroat competition in the hospitality industry and the stifling grip of familial expectations, their love blazes with a fervor that defies restraint. Minnie finds herself ensnared in a whirlwind of desire as she succumbs to the allure of Mike's protective embrace. Their encounters, shrouded in secrecy, teeter on the brink of euphoria and danger, fueling their craving for each other with every stolen glance and forbidden touch. In the volatile world of high-stakes business dealings, Minnie and Mike's passion burns brightly, a beacon of resilience in the face of societal censure. Their love, forged in the crucible of forbidden desire, becomes an irresistible force, driving them to defy convention in pursuit of their intoxicating connection. To find more, keep listening to this exclusive show.
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