Current Affairs are something that you must keep yourself updated with. It is important that you should know what is happening around you or in this world. When one talks about Current Affairs what does he mean? Current affairs are the events that are happening around us on a daily basis, these events can be political, related to business or news on problems of the society. Here are some top current affairs podcasts that are worth listening to:

  1. Quiz Time India

Quiz Time India is one of our best current affairs podcasts available in Hindi. This podcast is created by Studio41. Studio41 is well known for its current affairs podcasts. To keep yourself updated, stay connected with events happening around the world, pick up your phone, get earphones, and listen to these audiobooks. These collections of current affairs audiobooks keep you connected with the news around the world. All types of news are available here, whether it is related to sports, politics, or industry. This will raise your level of knowledge to the skies; you will feel confident in yourself.

  1. Hindi Pravachan

Hindi Pravachan, from our show Souravism is one of our best current affairs podcasts available in Hindi. This podcast is created by Sourav Maulik. Sourav Maulik is quite famous for its current affairs podcasts. This podcast show tries to cover maximum daily news from maximum fields which can keep you updated to all the events happening in this world.

  1. Bird Flu ki Sachchai

Many times, you hear news of spreading bird flu. Bird flu, also called avian influenza, is a viral infection that can infect not only birds, but also humans and other animals. Most forms of the virus are restricted to birds. H5N1 is the most common form of bird flu. Listen to this exclusive podcast on the truth behind Bird Flu. An informative and awareness oriented current affairs podcast with KuKu FM!

  1. वर्तमान राज्यपाल

In this current affairs podcast, we will inform you about the current governors of all 28 states and all the information about them that are useful and you should know. Javed Ali from our show is one of our best education podcasts available in Hindi. This podcast is created by JAVED ALI who is famous for current affairs podcasts.

  1. Hindi Pravachan – क्वांटम कंप्यूटर क्या है?

Quantum computing is the exploitation of collective properties of quantum states, such as superposition and entanglement, to perform computation. The devices that perform quantum computations are known as quantum computers. This becomes an interesting topic to learn and it manages to be in the news almost every month. Listen to this educational podcast now and learn more.

  1. स्मार्ट Technology आपकी ‘जासूसी’ तो नहीं कर रहा?

With the news of banning Instagram and Twitter one question automatically pops up on news channels that are being spied on by these apps. What do you think? Are you safe or your smartphone is spying on you?

Listen to this current affairs podcast and find out.

  1. Film Companion

Film Companion is made for all those people who are big fans of Bollywood. It talks in-depth about the different shades of Bollywood. Bollywood is a place full of glitz and glamour. It’s a place where happenings call up for a big highlighted buzz. Bollywood podcasts are a great way to serve your cravings to know about the world of entertainment. Movie reviews, interviews, music, spicy gossips, and insider stories, what not you get to listen to in current affairs Podcasts.

  1. Jeevan ki Chahak

Covid time has become a headache to everyone. People are afraid of many things and if someone catches this virus, the life of their family becomes very hard. This is a moral story of a little family which will tell you dos and don’ts in this pandemic time. During Covid 19 lock down everybody was very fed up , but our elders have many inspirational things by which we can easily motivate ourselves in the pandemic situation . They told us that even in the hard times we should not get disappointed , we should live every minute of our life with joy and happiness . Listen to the full story and get to know about the precautions that you must observe in this pandemic.

  1. The Indian Media

It’s about time that we have a session about the biggest circus in the country. We think the only way to talk about some serious problems with The Indian Media is to make fun of them. And well, thats what we’re here for. THE INDIAN MEDIA from our show Barely Judgemental is one of our best current affairs podcasts available in Hindi. This podcast is created by Barely Judgemental. Barely Judgemental is well known for its current affairs podcasts. This THE INDIAN MEDIA audio in Hindi. To keep yourself updated, stay connected with events happening around the world, pick up your phone, get earphones, and listen to these podcasts.

  1. 2020 के पुरस्कार

Every year many different prizes are awarded by many different institutions in various fields. These awards, prizes and their winner becomes a useful lot of questions in competitive exams. Thus, these are something that you should keep yourself updated with and this is where this podcast will help you. In this podcast, we present you the names of the awards and their winners which were announced in the year of 2020. Listen to this podcast now and increase your knowledge.

  1. Hindi Pravachan – IPL 2020

This is the podcast series by our show Hindi Pravachan where you will get all the news related to IPL. As we all know that we Indians go crazy when it comes to cricket and we never want to miss any update. If you are among these crazy cricket fans, then this is the podcast series that will keep you updated.

  1. रूसी कोरोना वैक्सीन को समझे – सिर्फ 10 मिनट में

There are many theories out there in the market related to the vaccines that are being given to people to fight the Covid19 virus. In this podcast, we will tell you about the Russian vaccine that has been imported in India in only 10 minutes. Our show covers many different news and delivers it to you in a very small time of 10 minutes. So, listen to this show and get updated to the daily news.

  1. धरती को चूमता एस्टेरोइड – सिर्फ 10 मिनट में

News of everything, from East-West to South-North. Every single detail from head to toe, with you – for you – in front of you, in just 10 minutes! Today we will talk about an asteroid kissing our earth, which is reaching us through the path of God. But when? There are many celestial objects in this universe and any of them can hit us anytime. You must keep yourself updated with the events happening in outer space.

  1. बेरूत धमाके के पीछे की सच्चाई

We hear the news of blasts almost every month. These terrorists never let us live a peaceful life. They have bombed many places and killed many people. This podcast is about the latest of these blasts ‘Beirut Blast’. Listen to find out the truth behind this blast.

  1. Coronil का सच

In this pandemic many companies came up with many medicines claiming that their medicine is capable of curing corona victims. One such medicine that caught huge limelight was Coronil which was made by Patanjali. As soon as this medicine came on the market, it got surrounded by many controversies. In this podcast we will try to discover the truth behind Coronil. Stay tuned and find out.

These are some of the top current affairs podcasts and shows that will keep you updated with the events that are happening around you. Listen to them on KuKu FM and stay updated.


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