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Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was a great warrior and skilled administrator who founded the great Maratha Empire and instilled a sense of Maratha identity in his people. At a time when the Mughal Empire was at its peak, Shivaji was the only one who dared to challenge Emperor Aurangzeb's might. With the help of a disciplined military system, a well-structured administrative organization, and a deeply traditional society, the Maratha force quickly became India's only military force of consequence against the Mughals. This special presentation is an enlightening and insightful look at a warrior king whose tales of victory and valor have inspired the nation for centuries. This series tells the incredible story of this self-made military hero, who began as a teenage rebel with great foresight and daring and ended up crowning himself king of an independent Maratha state after altering the political map of his native Deccan. Listen to the extraordinary life story of arguably the greatest Maratha who ever lived.
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