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How to use Kuku Coins?

Listen your favourite VIP shows with Kuku Coins.

  • 1Vip ShowsGo to your favourite VIP Show
  • 2Click Lock EpisodesTap on a locked episode that you want to listen
  • 3Unlock EpisodesSelect the number of episodes you want to unlock
  • 4Buy CoinsIncase of insufficient balance, buy coins from recommended packages
  • 5Listen Vip ShowsStart listening your favourite VIP show


What are coins at Kuku FM?>>

Kuku FM coins are an in-app currency that you can purchase & use to unlock episodes of VIP shows. You can also earn these coins for free by various actions.

How can I buy coins?>>

You can buy coins from the coin store. You have different package options to choose from.

Can I take a refund for the coins that I've purchased?>>

Coins, once purchased, are NON-REFUNDABLE.

What is the validity of these coins?>>

Your purchased coins will never expire. EVER!

Do I need to buy coins separately for each show?>>

Not at all! Your coins will unlock any episode you would like to listen as long as you maintain the balance. In case you find yourself out of coins, it's an easy-peasy top up from our Store.

Is your payment method safe & secure?>>

Our payment gateways are absolutely safe and compliant with global standards. If you don't believe us, just ask our 4 Million+ listeners who transact with us regularly.

Can I transfer coins to another account?>>

You cannot transfer coins from your account to another Kuku FM account.

Do I need to purchase coins, if I already have a subscription?>>

Your subscription does not include VIP Shows. They can only be accessed using coins. But worry not, the 18,000+ titles available on our platform are waiting just for your ears!

How can I earn free coins to listen to more episodes?>>

Earn 20 free coins by checking in the app daily and listen to the unlocked episodes. Also as a welcome gift, every listener gets a 50 free coins. Explore away!

I'm unable to use my coins?>>

You can only use the coins to unlock VIP show's locked episodes. If you're unable to do that, please reach out to us.

Can I use my coins to purchase a subscription or renew my subscription?>>

No, coins only unlock VIP Show episodes. To access any other show, select a Premium plan of your choice on our app, subscribe & enjoy!

Can I earn free coins?>>

Yes, you can earn free coins by listening to the unlocked episodes of VIP shows & by daily check-ins. You can use these coins to then unlock the episodes.

I have a lot of points, can i use them to unlock episodes?>>

Points are just used to rank you in the leaderboard. To unlock episodes of VIP shows, you need coins which you can either purchase from the store or earn by daily checkin.

Why are my coins getting auto deducted?>>

To provide a seamless experience to Kuku FM story lovers while binging on their favourite stories, we introduced an auto-unlock feature when the user is listening. We want to provide the best experience for our users & hence, we are also working on creating solutions which would be in the interest of the users not wanting auto-unlock. The details of spent coins can be validated from the usage history which is avaiable in wallet balance in store.

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