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Love from our Partners

Manish Singh

Learning Market with Manish

Journey with Kuku FM has been smooth both for me and my viewers… Unlike most brands, kuku FM allows a content creator for their freedom and don't impose unnecessary words or lines to be spoken about Working with a brand which is a value for money product has given good response to me through my viewers, thus I have trusted them for long term relations. Team members from Kuku FM are polite and prompt, have always maintained a humble approach towards me.

Ankur Warikoo


I have had a wonderful experience working with KuKuFM. The team is wonderfully responsive, very understanding and gives the creative freedom that a creator values. It is not surprising the growth that KukuFM is experiencing, considering how valued they make their partners feel.

Siddhant Agnihotri

Study Glows

Kukufm has unique idea to make people aware about anything and everything. It was an Awesome experience with KUKUFM, their working culture is too good. Kukufm's team is cordial, we as an organisation develop long term trust with them.

Alok Ranjan

Defence Detective

It has been more than 4 months since my collaboration with Kuku FM. From our very first conversation, I realized that the company is very professional, the work culture is good. Whenever I needed someone from the company, irrespective of timings, someone was always there to help. The creators get full support, due to this my trust in Kuku FM increases even more. The team that I deal with at Kuku FM is amazing, I am sure that other creators will also get similar teams, which Takes care of every creator in a same way. And one more thing Kuku FM is very much fast in payments.

Aninda Chakraborty


My experience with KUKUFM has been absolutely great, very supportive and flexible with schedules or any creative decisions. Never faced any challenges during payment. After 6 smooth collaborations I can say Kuku Fm is one of the best and most trustworthy people I’ve ever worked with as a creator. Especially when it comes to the production process. No hidden or inappropriate changes while working on videos. I’m pretty sure with time, the trust will be greater.

Kaushik Bhattacharjee

Antariksh TV

Kuku fm is the best audiobook platform which have increased my knowledge beyond my expectations. It have a highly cultured and creative team. Payment are easily realised, without any delay. As I’m working with Kukufm since long time, the team is highly supportive and understanding which built my trust with Kuku fm.

Makhanlal Pandey

We Inspired

It is a great experience to work with kuku fm. The culture and creativity of kuku fm is wonderful, they are very honest with their creators, their payment system is also very efficient, my relation with kuku fm team is very good, their team is very supportive and active, we respect and trust each other.

Abhishek Kar

Kukufm has really been a game changer in terms of audio books segments in India. Really good collection. Creativity and culture wise Kukufm has always tried experimenting and be it its graphics or offerings,they always try to bring something new. Really commendable efforts. Timely payments. Smooth functioning,reliable partners and understanding people.Great relationship,no pushed commitments and transparency maintained

Sambhav Sharma

Sham Sharma Show

It has been a great experience while working with the KUKUFM team in brand integrations, to share the ideas of audiobooks with my returning and new viewers, Being a brand that was not involved in a lot of brand integration KUKUFM has given us ample space to have trust and mutual respect for them. overall I don't think it gets any better than this and I would surely recommend KUKUFM to other creators.

Amit Kumarr

Readers Book Club

We have been working with Kuku FM for a very long time now & we feel collaboration with Kuku FM comes to us very naturally, as we belong to the same niche ie Books. This platform gives an additional opportunity to our audience to give unlimited sources of knowledge via this audiobook platform. We have never faced payment challenges. Process is really smooth. Kuku FM is creative with visual ideas & the best thing which we love is, new creative during different festivals & occasions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a successful referral condition (How can I ensure guaranteed earning)?

You will get earned if any of the following conditions satisfies. 1. When someone uses your referral link to install the kuku fm android app and purchases an annual premium subscription in future. You will earn even if they haven’t used your coupon code, as long as they came from your link. 2. Someone directly uses your coupon code on annual premium plan purchase to get 50% off. (No condition on referral link).

What if my audience doesn't use my referral code during premium purchase?

We will reward you, If your audience installs the Kuku FM app with your referral link and takes an annual premium plan subscription without using your code. But If a user uses another partner referral code then that person will get an incentive not you.

How much can I earn through the Kuku FM partner Program?

Share unlimited and earn Unlimited. There is no cap on your earnings. Top creators earn more than 1-2 Lakhs in a month.

What are the Payout methods and frequency.

You can use the UPI/Bank account method to withdraw money. You can withdraw money anyday anytime without any limitation.

Why is my redeemable amount showing less than the Unclaimed amount?

Unclaimed amount shows total Earning that can be redeemed by you in future while redeemable amount shows earning that can be withdrawn now. New earnings take 3 days to convert into a Redeemable amount as the refund period of referred users is 3 days. Please wait for 3 days then you can redeem all your unclaimed amount.

For how long is my referral code/link valid?

Referral link and code is valid for a minimum of 1 year. We will run this program for a very long time.

Can my referred user ask for a refund?

Yes, referred users can ask for a refund within 3 days.

Will the referral link/code work on all devices. ?

Currently the partner program is active on android apps. If someone is having an iphone then they can take premium on and avail 50% off. They can then use on iphone by logging in.

How the TDS is deducted on my earnings. Is a PAN card compulsory?

If your total earning in a financial year is more than 18,000 then 10% TDS will be deducted on complete earning. We will file TDS on your behalf with the government and you can take a refund of the complete TDS during ITR filing as per the income compliance. No TDS will be deducted if your earning is less than 18,000.PAN card detail is compulsory for earning more than 18,000.

I am facing other issues related to partner program and earnings. How can I reach out to the kukufm team?

Please contact us at for any issues.

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