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68 - Role of Communication in Rural Development in Hindi

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Authorडॉ निर्मला सिंह और ऋषि गौतम
“कस्तूरबाग्राम रूरल इंस्टीट्यूट, कस्तूरबाग्राम, इंदौर” में 15-16 जनवरी, 2016 को “ग्रामीण समाज और संचार: बदलते आयाम” विषय पर संपन्न “राष्ट्रीय संगोष्ठी( national seminar)” के तहत प्रस्तुत विद्वता-पूर्ण शोध लेखों का संग्रहणीय संकलन है यह पुस्तक। जो निश्चित रूप से एक पुस्तक के रूप में मीडिया-जगत के विद्यार्थियों एवं शोधार्थियों के साथ साथ विभिन्न विषयी अध्येताओं के लिए भी उपयोगी सिद्ध होगा। Voiceover Artist : RJ Manish Author : Dr. Nirmala Singh Author : Rishi Gautam Producer : Saransh Studios Voiceover Artist : Manish Singhal Author : Dr. Nirmala Singh & Rishi Gautam
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role of communication in rural development. Throwing a light on the history ofthe communication shows that India has just traditional mood off message among all countries off the wall in antique time. Heritage off India itself a classic example off for communication book off India are unmoving, living in the area off cyber communication. Pork media is a kind ofthe media having a fair way off delivering communications that affect directly tow our heart and senses even in tow. The cyber scenario government system eyes is its campaign traditional or fork media vetter in the way ofthe local not extreme, place on infrequently through puppetry, displace the folk and traditional arts off India have from only times being Hughes DH for morals. Three. Leaders on social political purpose is the primary reason for this estate. Off foot dragging is the steady decline in the number ofthe researches on social issues on the increasing attention and the other searches on the markets and their operation material on a spiritual hardships. Associate ID doing research on rural issues maybe mentioned as another reason for the lack of tribal number off studies on the rural matters, Indian culture and folk media, folk media are those that were in style during the Premiere Vil on Historic Times in India, they are still flourishing, though they lacked the shine in the bake off the control off the modern and electronic media. Today, though they are healthy, respected, socially relevant shooting and superior by the art authorities off today in a folk tradition. Terrorist No difference between classes and masses this'll AC off defence is the source of power in four cards and cultural forms. Class society makes a cleavage between material on cultural spares on between the producers material codes on makers ofthe artistic bombs on cultural values. Indeed, they have Bean town the ages school off education coats off fairness on discussion for a re present. A tip off the community is fair, in contrast to the modern mass media that traditional media, our personal family and trust for the forms that the mainstream off literate on unschooled, classifying with their form, it's Jonas on contents, though these forms need, Toby used that sympathetic and understanding traditional media in rural development communication. Marcia, if you chance tto watch Marcia act in Maharashtra, you will come to see more about their ancient rulers. Murata heroism there rocky landscape, their music etcetera, logical and static. Scheme off. The Marcia incorporates three basic fundamentals. The entertaining tradition, the more serious slanted tradition and that religious tradition. Have you ever watched at the marsh a performance? No, thank you not and keep on found in Not India entertains their viewers with often bad mannered on disrespectful storeys rooted in the peace and society off pre modern India, this thie atria rates with the lively, dancing, pulsating drum beats on full throated singing. Unlike other styles off Indian Theatre, the North Bank, it does not depend on intent. Religious epics such as China for its subject Play Out, is mainly performed in largest. It has a combination ofthe song towns and trauma. Music is an important aspect in this form. Off 48 it is performed not only for entertainment purpose, but it is used mainly as an essential means off communication between acted. There is an immense variety in the hues off singing, sometimes by the characters individually are in the corners. Instrumental music is also used in the beginning off the performance to create a favourable atmosphere for the place. ST. Peter This is a performance medium, growing its technique from traditional drama forms. In India, they are performed in any new car or street corner street market place, etcetera. Some of the best street Theatre artists from India include softer, harsh Me, hubby Bijan Bhattacharya and many More Street Cater. Our does try to spread positive miniatures in this society, for example, in one job for Sharon sinks through ST Peter is a spreading a message off understanding, patience and tolerance. He took the streets to use place as a means off beckoning. The people took their fundamental and political rights. In the early eighties, when Punjab was swept by database, Sink went out into the streets with his classical street plays, such as Baba Southern Look shadow puppets. In this bomb, shadows ofthe puppets are used in black and white or in colour. The flat figures, usually made off letter, can't light depressed on a transparent a screen with a strong source ofthe light. Behind that screen does forms the barrier between the audience and the puppet, creating the projection ofthe image. The impact on the audience surrounded by darkness all around is quite damn it'd. That's green in India is a simple sheet stretched on adjustable frame shadow puppets are mostly found in anthropology, Carola, Maharashtra and Orissa. Music and dance you may have on heart to some form off music are the other and also CNN. Dan's being performed on the stage or on television, music and dance in India, but among the oldest form off classical arts but a tradition that dates back off several centuries. Thes traditions are fundamental. It's similar, but they have different names and are also performed in different styles. Dance puts the rhythm and the moment in the play and continuously captures audience attention, a CZ possibility. The only country in which music, more than any other art, is so intimately interwoven for the life ofthe people. Kate would not be an overstatement to say that music in India has played a crucial part in everyday life. From time immemorial. It has been an integral part ofthe marriages, festivals and celebrations off every hue and character. No religious ceremony has been complete without music. More deficit symbols have you observed patterns off? Ganguly read out ofthe coloured powder outside homes. On first of occasions, the's are nothing but symbols which are a part of everyday life, thes beautiful batons that are made on the threshold off. The house has believed tto uplift, aspirate, void off evil energies on give protection in India. People, however, many symbols ranging from those which are simple to the most complex ones. Indians believe in simple sze, which are entirely different from the rest. Off the vault, traces ofthe similarities can be seen. The symbols in India are the outcomes off. Mighty logic really just believes. Traditions and philosophy paintings primitive man force on a pair of Ford's, but he was able to talk a picture off an animal for the tale ahead and four legs on a human figure for the pinhead on four lines for hands and feet through different periods off history, we find a definite established tradition ofthe painting on various objects, particularly on intimate objects off everyday use. Klaus involved and in almost every instance, that depiction being associate ID that some ritual traditional paintings off, especially the ball peen things off Gondwana, Nomar and Mulva, living expressions off people closely linked with the social cultural environment off the area. They're not mayor decorations but also expressions off religious devotion. Soothe leader ofthe papa trees is known as the Mil, or sort of female. He stayed by three or four persons to manipulate the puppets that strings off each puppet are attached to an iron ring on the head off the puppeteer. This allows the sort of Hari toe operate the puppets, whether his hands and I pop it. It is also called Mutual Notch. The puppets are generally dresses in judge. Last time they made large in sizes and fix to Harvey Bamboo Stakes. Such stakes tied to the based, off sort of the heart shadow puppets. They are known by different names such as Child, partly in righteous tan and in under provisions. Accordionist trainees used to make shadows ofthe puppets all on a transparent cotton screen. Dan Heights are used to prepare shadow puppets. Figures in Karnataka. This style is called in. Karelia has called on DH in Orissa, they call us Robin China. Hand made puppets. They look similar to characters off Carola. These puppets are more popular in Orissa. In spite ofthe famous Harlem are a folk tale, a number of folk tales are famous, and I just hand as follows Normal Parmalee Jalal Sort Asa San Jimmy, Johnny, just my order about naci folk dances off largest home. It said that Roger Stan stances touch our emotions in this estate. There are very tough on challenging dances. He may found Pisa. They're awfully Kumar macabre and these dances are known as the best way to express human emotions. As people said here, I saw almost all concepts like they're a follicle Delia. But details on a famous website ability to just look conclusion good is a multi dimensional process off action society communication and involves economic, political, social and cultural factors. As underscored by some of the examples from different parts off the vote, it plays an energetic role in the development after rural sections. In many countries, rural communication is one of the most vital plants for an effective combat against poverty. Communication between farmers, agriculture institutions on public institution is made possible by exchange off information experience or effective use off communication technologies and communication devices. Communication tools make it possible to ensure that the voice off the people in the countryside is heard. That quote off the rural development most important role off traditional communication


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“कस्तूरबाग्राम रूरल इंस्टीट्यूट, कस्तूरबाग्राम, इंदौर” में 15-16 जनवरी, 2016 को “ग्रामीण समाज और संचार: बदलते आयाम” विषय पर संपन्न “राष्ट्रीय संगोष्ठी( national seminar)” के तहत प्रस्तुत विद्वता-पूर्ण शोध लेखों का संग्रहणीय संकलन है यह पुस्तक। जो निश्चित रूप से एक पुस्तक के रूप में मीडिया-जगत के विद्यार्थियों एवं शोधार्थियों के साथ साथ विभिन्न विषयी अध्येताओं के लिए भी उपयोगी सिद्ध होगा। Voiceover Artist : RJ Manish Author : Dr. Nirmala Singh Author : Rishi Gautam Producer : Saransh Studios Voiceover Artist : Manish Singhal Author : Dr. Nirmala Singh & Rishi Gautam