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61 - Community Education Using Mass Media : Encountering Issue In emerging Indian Society in Hindi

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Authorडॉ निर्मला सिंह और ऋषि गौतम
“कस्तूरबाग्राम रूरल इंस्टीट्यूट, कस्तूरबाग्राम, इंदौर” में 15-16 जनवरी, 2016 को “ग्रामीण समाज और संचार: बदलते आयाम” विषय पर संपन्न “राष्ट्रीय संगोष्ठी( national seminar)” के तहत प्रस्तुत विद्वता-पूर्ण शोध लेखों का संग्रहणीय संकलन है यह पुस्तक। जो निश्चित रूप से एक पुस्तक के रूप में मीडिया-जगत के विद्यार्थियों एवं शोधार्थियों के साथ साथ विभिन्न विषयी अध्येताओं के लिए भी उपयोगी सिद्ध होगा। Voiceover Artist : RJ Manish Author : Dr. Nirmala Singh Author : Rishi Gautam Producer : Saransh Studios Voiceover Artist : Manish Singhal Author : Dr. Nirmala Singh & Rishi Gautam
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community education, using mass media and countering issue in emerging Indian society, Changes are taking place in almost all walks off individual societal, national and international life at a fast pace. To cope with this change, one needs a system which provides stable state are restrains equilibrium in the society, which is none other than education, education to community. Please buy votes roll in liberation ofthe individuals from ignorance, exploitation and poverty. As constitution off India made for the people and its preamble relates education that justice, liberty, equality, fraternity education is providing equal opportunity off enlistment development and progress to the members ofthe community for the greater glory off the individual and the community. Both dignity off the individual and unity off the nation aren't necessary. It can be made available to all true community education that can be defined as the education provided toe. All age groups in the betterment ofthe society tto find dissolution ofthe societal problems in an easy to implement way with affordable time and prides. Constitution has made several provisions for education like Article 3 51 State's official language off the union Article 3 54 states place off mother tongue for better participation from community members. Article 15 for Women's education Article 29 30 speaks about education. 40 minorities according to 1000 for community education is working for prominent issue faced by Indian society such as poverty, deprivation, gender bias and many more had made several steps right from the beginning. At this juncture off global bombing, environmental issues have become serious threats to the human life. Education as an instrument off change to the masses as the only way out to fight with our or come from thes developmental changes on issues. It is time for action. All are aware about the widespread population off India, so formal system off education is not enough for providing them a Venice about all the issues and they're Maddie's father. Same education must seek to modify community patterns off behaviour through clothes and constant interaction with community through technology available for communication. Education is a social process in which child shares the community consciousness better. 1962 as community life is the sum total off many agencies, individuals and institutions, it can be enriched by increasing the interaction on organisation invested. The technology plays a vital role in this technological driven era through mass media's clothes and constant interaction with a total culture off, the community can be established to modify it's patterns off behaviour. All Vienna's off media should be mobilised and properly utilised to create an appropriate climate for launching a variety off continues educational activities so as to counter attack the issues intervening in the development part off the nation like India problems and issues in emerging Indian society India has begin to be considered as developing country on on the part of obtaining the status ofthe developed country. But in order to achieve that status, one still needs to deal with a certain prominent problems and issues prevalent in the Indian society. These problems on issues proved to be the major hindrances in the progress or development off the country. Some of these problems on issues are mentioned below. Poverty is the greatest problem persisting since the time ofthe independence. Although recent positive economic developments have helped the Indian middle class A great Il, India still suffers from substantial poverty that national samples off organisation SSO estimated that 22.15% off the population Wass living below the poverty line in 2000 for 2005, down from 51.3% in 1977 1978 and twenties explosion in 2000. The criterion used wass monthly conception ofthe goods. Billa rupees ₹211.30 pasa for rural areas and repeats ₹454. 11 pesa for urban areas, 75% of the poor car intruder areas, with most of them comprising daily facials, self employed households and landless labourers. Parable 750.7% off India's poorest population still lives on less than $1 a day and 79.9% live one two U. S. Dollars per day. One of the critical problems facing Intel's economy is the shop on going Regional variations among India's different states and territories in terms ofthe per capital income, poverty availability, off infrastructure. On social economic development, for instance, the difference in growth rate being up forward and backward state soars 0.3% 5.2% for poverty on 4.9% for backward states during 1980 81 to 1990 91 but had grown to 3.3%. Port Forward States 6.3 person on for backward states. It was 3.0% during 1990 91 1997 and 98 4.1 person fall forward states 7.1 person and poor backward states 3.0% during 1997 98. Tow 6 2007 es eso deprivation The failure to provide the people off India with adequate food, clothing, shelter and the basic means off self fulfilment constitutes undoubtedly the most serious failure ofthe public policy in independent India. When India became independent in 1947 the most conspicuous feature off the Indian economy was that hundreds off millions off India's people lived in conditions off. Appalling deprivation on conditions, off hunger, ill health and avoidable disease. Illiteracy on homelessness on subject to different forms, off class cars and gender operation. 60 years later, despite the substantial progress meet in many fields, that fact remains unchanged. According to Call Sarah at l 2000 bomb, a recent measure off economic on social deprivation on one that has received much international attention is the Human Development Index HD I proposed by the United Nations Development Programme you and DP. This's a composite index. It seeks combined data on three features off the quality ofthe life addict, great levels, off income, good health and education into a single index. Operationally, income levels are measured by their friends to an international income poverty norm. Economically deprived access to health is measured in terms ofthe average long activity are the expectation off life at but multi attrition on access to education and learning is measured by means off a composite index that uses data on average levels off literacy in a society on the average number off years off, a schooling that that society provides its citizen educationally deprived by all these measures, India fares badly indeed, by international standards on more important in dumps off the actual levels off living off its people. Public expenditure in India on health, education and social services has bean low by international standards. Problem off educational deprivation in India is critical. India faces the prospect off entering the 21st century, with nearly half its population on more than 60% of its women illiterate. The number of Children in India off primary school age that is between six and 11 years who were not in the school was estimated to be 78 million in 1995. India is also home to the world's largest child labour force. Environmental issues in the global warming situation at present Conference going on in Copenhagen coalition is the big threat to the environment around as the carbon measure is causing 300 units, says the Times off India 7 December 1009 All left in society provided supportive environment is developed. Community members always try toe just with the environment. But now scenario has changed. All people for their selfish motives, polluted the different competent ofthe environment such as water, soil, air, forests, et cetera, and create their own likely environment do toe in placing air pollution on DeForest ing. The situation like global warming on Isis, all feel more temperature than people. Nowadays, it is all due to pollution on it creates problem everywhere and concept. Global farming on Isis need ofsome concrete steps toward protection. Off environment is must and the list is endless. Community education is the best example ofthe educational determinism against these developmental issues and problems. Waters family believe that education to the community will deter mined the development ofthe emerging society like India. Community education is a sustainable tool as far as the contemporary issues are cancer. But what actually is community education? How does it differ from education in the community or education for community community education? Education is for the community by the community on off the community. This idea was originated from euro and later having its spread all over the globe. In England and many other countries, community education has tended to be wrapped up with the idea ofthe communities cooling on, especially the pioneering book off Henry Morris around village colleges. However, one can think about the storey and practise off community education as education for community within a community. In other words, something called community as not just a place in which education occurs. Posturing community is also a central concern. The process of becoming part off an existing social network in orderto encourage learning is sometimes labelled as informal education. In UK, discussions are as community education, our community learning and Scottish debates about Storey and practise community education, also known as community based education. Our community learning and development is defined by the Scottish government as learning on social development, work with individuals groups and their communities using a range or formal and informal methods. A common defining feature is that programmes on activities are developed in dialogue with communities and participant dead. L 2006. The purpose ofthe committee Learning and development is to develop the capacity off individuals and groups off all ages. Truth here actions the capacity off communities to improve their quality oflife central toe. This is their ability to participate in the democratic process. Scotland institutes have defined community education as our process. Design toe energy, the lives ofthe individuals and groups by engaging with people living within a geographical area or sharing a common interest to develop voluntarily on age off. Learning action on reflection, opportunities later mind by their personal social economic on political deeds they retrieved from http semi column slash slash en dot Wikipedia dot org slash wiki slash community underscored education categories. Semi column Educational stages At the same time, community education is a vital concept which many people pay lips Office on, which has acknowledged as having a meaningful role to play in our educational system over the next generation community education. Concerned with education for communities veg, it is of at meetings off what communities themselves to the mine to beat their needs on with education for community that is, development through association in learning situation, formal and informal on through communication better 1962 education need to be flexible toe continually re adjust its programme in the light off the changing needs on services off the community in same day. Community has its responsibility to shape the curricular on co curricular activities according to changing demands ofthe time, the major cools off community education that l 2006 are to increase the productivity from the limited resources on more income, seeking by their security off the member look for opportunity to them to improve social and financial status. Also, the Scottish government, in their community education and development, has introduced the falling set off principles ofthe which community learning on development related activities should be based on one in Parliament. Increasing the ability off individuals and groups toe influence issues that affected them and their communities to participation. Supporting people to take part in decision making. Three. Inclusion, equality, off opportunity on anti discrimination. Recognising that same people may need additional support toe overcome the barriers. Deface boat self determination supporting the light off people to make their own choices on DH 50 partnership. Recognising that money agencies can contribute to see Ellie to ensure resources are used effectively, Ah, philosophical base for developing community education programmes has provided through the five components off the Wisconsin model ofthe community education. The model provides a process Plame bug for local school district's to implement our strength and community education. Ah set off committee education Principles was developed by Larry Hatch and Larry D. 1991 for the National Coalition for Community Education. These include who want self determination. Local people are in the best position. Tau identify community needs and wants parents As Children's first and most important teachers. I have bought a right and a responsibility to be involved in their Children's education. Do self help? People are best solved. Venter Capacity to help themselves is encouraged and enhanced when people assume ever increasing responsibility for their own felt. Being the acquired independence rather than dependence. Three. Leadership development, the identification, development and who's off the leadership capacities off local citizens are prerequisites for ongoing self help on community improvement efforts, boat localisation services, programmes, events and other community involvement. Opportunities that are broad cruises to fear people live have the greatest potential for the high level off public participation. Whenever possible, these activities should be decentralised two locations off easy public exits, integrated delivery off services organisation and agencies that operate for the public good can use their limited resources, meet their own goals on better solve the public by establishing close working relationships with other organisations and agencies with related purposes. Six. Maximum use ofthe resources the physical, financial and human resources off every community should be interconnected and use to their fullest if the divers needs and interests off the committee are to be met. Seven. Inclusiveness. The segregation or isolation ofthe people by age, income, sex, race, ethnicity, religion or other factors inhibits the full development off the community. Community programmes, activities and services should involve the broadcast possible cross section ofthe community residents. Eight. Responsiveness. Public institutions have a responsibility to develop programmes and services that respond to the continually changing needs and interests off their constituents. Night Lifelong learning learning begins is bought on continues until death. Formal and informal learning opportunities should be available to residents off all ages in a wide variety ofthe community settings. So these principles are parallel to the principal off cooperation and coordination, lifelong learning and interdependence with responsible and accountable factors. Issues concerning community education accumulating, the force said there are some issues back him 2008 with Community education, which are listed as follows. Who One community comprises off different type off individuals different in terms ofthe their age, knowledge level environment in which they grow and pursue values and so on. It is difficult to provide education individually, too difficult to give education to mass, consisting different backgrounds and interest. Three to bring them at one place. Our tom is also the great task. After bringing together, there is also a difficulty in finding common interest such that we can track them from their interest toe educational awareness programmes. Five. Providing support and Conducive Environmental Book Ted L 6 2006. To find the locus ofthe community to target seven. Finding physical and manpower resources for providing education. These issues may be handled better with Hughes off technology on which form of technology can help, and this is the important question to be answered. Mass media and community education impact off mass media is felt on every aspect ofthe the mortal life. Social, economic, political and so on. A man in the society is a man in communication with others. Get Duncan, his friends and fellows. Sharma 2005 Man is always exposed to the lifestyles ofthe others ideas, opinions off others news and views conveyed through all kinds off media, newspaper, radio, television, burns, Internet, etcetera. He is influenced by them and cannot keep himself aloof from the effects ofthe mass media. The entire community and the whole mankind are shaped According to the mass media that are available at that time. Chatterjee, 1979 has rightly the mark. The activities off the mass media fellow are closely related to the development in various fields. In farming community people reacting to policies and creating the social climate and veg development on nation building programme can take place. They cannot operate and social and political vacuum, nor do they deal with outdated philosophies. Mass media are every day dealing with problems that affect the destiny off the nation on in divider context, humanity as a whole, president scenario ofthe community education to mass media on the basis ofthe studies on development and communication at mass level tone in India, UNESCO and various developing countries as also on the basis ofthe field experience on communication and promotional research studies and surveys. A new professional thinking on the concept, role and process off mass communication has much broadly speaking, the purpose ofthe mass media in present context can be defected as one politically A to create, inform and enlightened public opinion. Be the faces off a democratic development society to create awareness among individuals and applications to promote scientific temper on national cohesion in society. See toe inculcated cooperative partnership among all section ofthe people on D to foster the establishment of feedback loops on research matter lodges, toe SS public opinion and interpreted to economically a toe act as an activist in the extension ofthe technology transfer among various section ofthe farmers, workers and other members ofthe working force to provide a supporting pat, efforts at modernisation and economic growth afford market and beat it to stimulate advertising and promotional campaigns on awareness about threats to society, culturally toe foster individual and community expression, discovery and Richmond creativity and enlightened reaction towards different system off society in the same V in the government has initiated many programmes like Theron CWC, huge Izzy adult education programmes, Edu said. National press emission programmes etcetera There are programmes and advertisements on the fundamental issues ofthe cult's education, literacy, AIDS awareness, family planning, removing untouchability, polio, immunisation, learning, traffic rules, roll place dramas, et cetera. Campaign programmes are also timeto time highlighted true print and electronic media, the private and non governmental organisation. Like pro TEM times off Intergroup Reliance as Implement foundation. She showed me her love so they're Sha Nalanda and many more are joining their hands with the technological gadgets on tries to handle issues through the education as an instrument off change and educational satellite is working for community education called and you said the education satellite was launched by Indian Space Research Organisation Israel with a purpose to provide education toe all people, primarily Children from remote areas off the country who cannot go to schools or colleges. The classes would be connected by various a state education ports and C arti c b SC journalist cities etcetera in a studio environment using PowerPoint presentations as well as the common black bolt there could be interactive as well as non interactive sessions offered. Now the different technologies involved in community education through mass media are one print media through newspapers, books, mexes pamphlets, awareness can be brought and information regarding other programmes can be spread. Newspapers are regular communication media books on Maxine's at Special Purpose Media to communicate, idea or awareness, and others are purpose. If media such that as and then necessarily educational parts can be distributed to electronic media, it has widespread coverage. Overpopulation. It does not need even reading, writing ability to lunch. Among all electronic devices, radio and TV are the most popular on easily available media Conclusion. Our famous African proverb lightly states it takes a village to raise a child, optimises the importance of that whole off the wider community and raising Children and young people, which in turn helped to make a progressively better nation and society for healthy living. Thomason and Wise, 1999 to push for diversity is igniting bitter conflict and education without education in science and humanities, technology is blind and can lead only to individual and social disaster. If technology is an accelerator, the knowledge is its fuel and the engine off technology is being fed richer on Richard Fuel every day to create a Vieira's would be required to generate successive alternative images ofthe future assumptions which deduce the nature ofthe cognitive and effective abilities. Sherman 2005 Society sometimes fails to recognise a really issues hampering the development ofthe individual in particular on nation as a whole. Mass media in community education will help in creating a fairness about these issues ofthe culture, economical, social and environmental to a certain level. The otters discussed the benefits off mass media programmes as a tool toe advocate for community education and more specifically to promote a Venice off, and the results are four said issues. The authors emphasised clubbing with mass media campaign strategies using television radio etcetera may only be successful to the degree that they are backed by community education and direct support programmes.


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“कस्तूरबाग्राम रूरल इंस्टीट्यूट, कस्तूरबाग्राम, इंदौर” में 15-16 जनवरी, 2016 को “ग्रामीण समाज और संचार: बदलते आयाम” विषय पर संपन्न “राष्ट्रीय संगोष्ठी( national seminar)” के तहत प्रस्तुत विद्वता-पूर्ण शोध लेखों का संग्रहणीय संकलन है यह पुस्तक। जो निश्चित रूप से एक पुस्तक के रूप में मीडिया-जगत के विद्यार्थियों एवं शोधार्थियों के साथ साथ विभिन्न विषयी अध्येताओं के लिए भी उपयोगी सिद्ध होगा। Voiceover Artist : RJ Manish Author : Dr. Nirmala Singh Author : Rishi Gautam Producer : Saransh Studios Voiceover Artist : Manish Singhal Author : Dr. Nirmala Singh & Rishi Gautam