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KUKU FM: Community Policy

The primary purpose of this policy is to help you create engaging content and achieve a wider audience. This policy applies to all creators who have released their content on KUKU FM and not signed any contract with us.

  1. Who is a creator for Kuku FM?

    Anyone who can write and/or narrate captivating and informative audio stories/books/podcasts/courses (collectively termed as content and individually as content pieces/units) can be a creator with Kuku FM.

  2. How can I be eligible to become a creator? What kind of content will be accepted on Kuku FM?

    1. Eligibility: Lots of passion, determination & some creativity. Heart of an artist & Head of an entrepreneur. Sign In with email or phone number to start creating.

    2. Publish an audio show on Kuku FM by filling details, uploading thumbnail & adding your recorded audio inside the show

    3. Captivating and informative (always check your facts)

    4. No Piracy/No Fake News/No Copyright Infringement

    5. Adhere to our basic & creator-friendly community guidelines.

    6. Formats: Audiobooks, stories, podcasts, audio lectures, news, and quiz shows on Kuku FM across all the genres.

    7. Languages: Hindi, English & Marathi, Bengali

  3. How can I monetize my content or get premium support from the Kuku FM team?

    Kuku FM is India’s biggest non-music audio platform. Over 1 lac people daily visit Kuku FM to listen to their favorite shows. This no. is growing at an exponential rate. To monetize your shows on Kuku FM, first, you need to gain 100k monthly listens. Our community team will help select a few talented content creators on this journey. For which you need to qualify.

The minimum eligibility criteria are as below:

  1. Quantity:
    1. You should have uploaded at least 10 content Pieces/Units.
    2. You should have maintained a minimum frequency of 1 upload per week.
  2. Quality:
    1. You must host the content exclusively on Kuku FM
    2. You should mention Kuku FM once in the entire show to validate the fact that it is original content.
    3. Your account should match the criteria given per level in terms of followers and hours of listening per month.
  3. Duration of content:
    1. It should be more than 5 mins and less than 25 min. People lose interest if an episode is too long. People don’t remember you or your show if it’s too small.
  4. Legality:
    1. You should have the necessary legal rights to publish the content
    2. You should have necessary permissions for third party content (if any) in your show

Once all the above-mentioned criteria are achieved, the creator (Now known as Kalakaar) will become level 1 content creator. Monetization starts at level 3.

Here’s your Journey to becoming a Kuku Kalakaar


(Every month)


(Every month)

Total Listening Duration

(Every month)

What will you get?
15k0.5k250 hr

Traffic Boost

We will be promoting you on the right playlists & screens of our app

Exclusive Whatsapp Group

  1. You will become a part of India’s largest community of Hindi and Vernacular content creators

  2. Tips and Tricks on how to grow your show

Advanced Analytics

Know your audience and their requirements

225k2.5k1200 hr

Priority access to Kuku FM Exclusive Webinars

Once a month workshops to help you reach the next level

Priority access to Kuku FM Exclusive Workshops (online and offline)

  1. Catch up with other content creators on our platform through our community meetups and expand your circle

  2. Exclusive one on one hangout

Mentoring from Top Creators

  1. Guidance from Top-notch creators

  2. Personalized Content Improvement Tips

Verified Tick

Yes, you will become an official influencer with a verified tick on your profile

Premium Creator Support:

Promotion of your content through various other channels like Social Media and redesigning your profile as premium.

3100k10k5000 hr

Super Promotional Reach

Notification, Banners, Cross Promotion, you get it all.

Brand Collaboration

Chance to officially work with Kuku FM on CSR Campaigns and be a part of Kuku FM’s PR, elevate your brand image in the market.

Monetization via sponsored ads

  1. Amazing monetization contract

  2. The details and terms will be communicated to you, post hitting the 50k monthly listens

Ad Network

  1. Place an in-app ad in your stream and earn on per ad impression basis


  1. We will upgrade you a level up once you hit the given level milestone. Once you achieve a certain level, you need to keep growing your audience and listening duration as well as maintain the achieved level milestone. We will be assessing it in every quarter to revisit and set the levels as per your current performance.

  2. To monetize your content, send a verification message on mentioning your current stats and Kuku FM profile link and contact details with a standard subject line: Monetization Application from [User’s Name on Kuku FM]. Once the request is submitted, the Kuku FM team will review your request and respond to you within 7 working days.

  3. You need to maintain minimum qualifications criteria at all times.

What are the benefits of becoming the Kalakaar and joining our Kalakaar community?

  1. Audience and Reach- We will help you promote your content using our exclusive tools. We will try to ensure that your content reaches a wider audience

  2. Mentorship- Proper guidance and learnings will be shared by our team in order to give you meaningful growth insights about

    1. The kind of content audience is seeking for / what is trending

    2. How to creatively enhance your content quality-wise

  3. Pro App features and Data Analytics - If you are a storyteller or a story writer, our app-exclusive features will be unlocked for you which will help you enhance your content quality as well as reach targeted audience.

  4. Fame and Money - Once you become a Kuku FM Kalaakar, we will be helping you in endorsing the brand you have become by:-

    1. Making you meet the brands who need you

    2. Exclusive tie-ups with various content producing platforms

    3. Access to networking and support from top creators across India

  5. Verification - We will officially declare you as our prominent content creator.

For doubts and queries write or reach out to us at or call us on:+91 9321926619