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S3E18 The Bowling Sensation - Shayne Warne in hindi

Show: Nasha Masterstroke

In this episode, Atul Wassan talks about the legendary player who changed the face of Australian bowling. He is none other than Shayne Warne! He still continues to be the world's second-highest wicket-taker! Tune in to know more such interesting stories and a few key reasons behind Shayne's incredible game. S3E18 The Bowling Sensation - Shayne Warne from our show Nasha Masterstroke is one of our best खेल podcasts available in Hindi. This podcast is created by HT Smartcast. HT Smartcast is well known for his/her खेल podcasts. S3E18 The Bowling Sensation - Shayne Warne talks about the world of sports, its events, and its players. Sports podcasts are a great way to discuss the aftermath of a match. It discusses the game-plan, its execution, and what went right or wrong in between. Not only this, you will get a chance to know more closely about the players and their life. Despite, whatever Sports they are in. If you are fond of knowing about the dressing-room stories then sports podcasts are for you! It offers every information that you expect to know from the varsities matches. In the plethora of options for podcasts it is difficult to find a suitable podcast in your language; in the language with which you can connect. We are a one-stop destination offering you podcasts in different languages like Bangla, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati, Hindi, etc. You can download all the podcasts on our app for free! Listen to them anytime and anywhere. Delve in the great experience of listening to podcasts while working, exercising, salon, commuting, or anywhere. So plug-in your earphones, stream, download and relish the ad-free experience.