Anupam Kher Prastut Karte Hai Bharat Varsh : Samrat Ashok in hindi | अनुपम खेर प्रस्तुत करते हैं भारतवर्ष: सम्राट अशोक हिन्दी मे |  Audio book and podcasts

Anupam Kher Prastut Karte Hai Bharat Varsh : Samrat Ashok in hindi


सम्राट अशोक की मृत्यु के करीब 2300 साल गुज़र चुके हैं, लेकिन उनके विचार आपको हर जगह दिखाई देंगे. हमारे तिरंगे का चक्र, चार सिंहमुख वाला हमारा राष्ट्रीय प्रतीक, अहिंसा के प्रति हमारा रुझान, हमारी धर्मनिरपेक्ष व्यवस्था, इन सभी में अशोक की छाप मिलती है. writer: ABP News Author : ABP News Script Writer : Ashutosh Anupam Kher Prastut Karte Hai Bharat Varsh : Samrat Ashok in Hindi, is one of our best biography audiobooks available in Hindi from our catalog. This Audiobook is created by Team Mixing Emotions. Team Mixing Emotions is well known for his biography audiobooks. If a person is great today, he must have worked hard in his life somewhere, and these things are known to us by reading or hearing about his biography. If you follow a great person and are always eager to know about him then the biography audiobook works perfectly for you. The collection of biography audiobooks tells you about the life of many great people and how they faced difficulties. That always motivates us to do something big in our lives. These audiobooks make you serious, courageous, and determined about your life through things connected with the lives of great people. We understand that our users emotionally connect with the audios more when it is in their language. Hence we offer a variety of biography audiobooks in different languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Telugu, Marathi, Bangla, etc. These biography audiobooks are available for free and can be downloaded and saved on our app. And the best part is that you can access it while traveling, while working out in the gym, and literally doing anything, anywhere at any point of time be it early morning or late night. So, stream, download, and enjoy the ad-free experience.

  • Episodes

1 Episode 36 secs

Samrath Ashok Teaser

2 Episode 22 mins

सम्राट अशोक - Part 1

3 Episode 20 mins

सम्राट अशोक - Part 2

4 Episode 23 mins

सम्राट अशोक - Part 3