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How to write podcast description For audio books and horror stories ? 

A description is something that silently promotes your work. Podcast description helps you to fetch more and more listeners. The attractive your description will be, the more number of listeners you will get. Being a creator, your podcast should be better and so your description needs to be. It also makes your podcast look professional.

Stories are liked by everyone. Horror stories and audiobooks are being loved by the podcast listeners. If you create horror stories or audiobooks, then you should read this article till the end. In this article, we will tell you how to write a description of Horror stories and audiobooks.

Podcast description for horror stories

horror stories.

To enhance the experience of reciting horror stories, we can have an experiment with its description. Horror story descriptions should be mysterious. Start to write some simple lines in the beginning. After that pick 2-3 lines from amid the story and leave the description at the end with incomplete suspense. Suspense should sound horrifying. Use the horrible and tough terminology. You can also use pure literature type language.

People usually hear horror stories at night. That’s why your description should make the horror level of your story sound very clear. The horrible and terrifying your description will seem, the more chances of people clicking on that podcast will increase. Your horror stories description should be 3 sentences long. It should have the gist of the story, but remember, don’t give away everything. The description should end at a cliff-hanging moment. The user should be curious to know more and will eventually want to listen to know your content.

In horror stories, descriptions should be incomplete. Language should be standard and horrible.  descriptions should be written in an attractive writing style. The listener should estimate the horror level of the story just by reading the description. You can take the help of any professional writer for this. The listener gets attracted to listen to the podcast by its description. That’s why we should not underestimate the power of the podcast description. For example, you can listen to wo rasta podcast available on Kuku FM, and also can read its description.

Description for audiobooks


Audiobooks are saving a lot of time in a modern busy lifestyle. And also audiobooks are being liked by everyone. You can hear the audiobooks available on different podcast platforms and also read its description to find out how you can write the podcast description for audiobooks.

Books are of many types. Some books are of self-help, some are related to curriculum, while some books are based on stories. While writing the description for audiobooks, mention the type of book in starting. Along with that, mention the name and background of the writer also.

In order to write a description for audiobooks, it is important to mention the quality of the book also. And also, tell the listener what they will get to know after listening to that book. For audiobooks, the audiobook description can be of two paragraphs. Its language should be simple. No twists and turns or hard words are required here. The language which is used in that book or podcast, only that should be there in the description.

So the conclusion is that you can write a description for any Horror Story or audiobook. After reading the description, the reader frames an image of the podcast they are going to listen to. More than half of the total listeners of a podcast read the description in the first place. In such a scenario, being a creator, you need to write the description in a more attractive and creative way. It is recommended to take the help of any professional writer for that if a creator can’t write the description. It will help you to fetch more and more listeners. Writing creative content for your description makes the listeners attract and listen more to your podcast. Your description increases your reach and listening time also. That’s why your podcast should be written in such a way, that the listener will be excited to hear your podcast just by reading it. If you are spending a lot of time and effort in creating your podcast, then you should spend at least half of that in writing a description of your podcast.


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