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5 tips to listen to the audiobookIt is absolutely easy to feel what you listen to when your narrator is very apt with his narration. But when it comes to narration either of a story or an audiobook, it is not as easy as it appears to be. A perfect storyteller merges in ample efforts and numerous amount of resources to make it worth the listener’s choice. Similar is the case with the audiobook, making your listeners listen to audiobooks, and holding them with your narration is not a trouble-free task.

Not everyone has the ability to hold his/her listener with the aura of one’s voice. But it is not the point to grief on. If your voice lacks a certain amount magnetism. Then you need to work on some of the crucial points which will make you a pro in making your listeners listen to an audiobook and have a great hold over them.

So let us begin with learning and analyzing every point that will help you to be a better narrator.

1. Practice


“Practice makes a man perfect.” This short yet powerful quotation is what we have been hearing since childhood. And this quotation does not suffice just to the limit of words. The practical implications of it rather result in delivering. So what you have to do is, imbibe this quality within yourself to climb to the ladder of success.

Now coming to practicing your audiobook. A listener always wants to listen a verbal depiction of reality. And the way of describing should always pop out reality from it. Your narration should never appear as you are merely reading the content out. Rather every word of it should be felt from within because that feeling will help the listener to relate with the story and will help him to go with the flow. For this just record your content every time you narrate it. Listen to it again, if you realize the absence of feeling try to work on it and record it again.

Doing this will eventually carve you into a better podcaster.

2. Record what you practice

It is absolutely essential to know what you are doing. Sometimes in some rage, we speak out, but when we patiently hear it again, it appears to be filled in with excess of voids. What you have to do is, just record your content whenever you are ready. Listen to the entire recording find the void, dig the error out of it and record it again. Repeating this ample amount of time will eventually help you to generate content that will have the potency to hold your listener and will induce them to come back.

So the baseline says to listen to yourself and further improve whatever you find lacking.

3. Do not change your voice frequently

While making your listeners listen to audiobook it is essential to modulate your voice. And that modulation involves a change in speed, pitch, and loudness of your voice. But generally, people apply voice modulation in a completely wrong way. They try to change the voice and keep flipping it. For eg. Fluctuating from male voice to female voice. Doing this will degrade the impact of audiobook and will neither help in inducing the listener to hear from you again nor will it help to escalate the listener count.

So better be a smart voice modulator who has the knowledge of emphasizing the voice as per need.

4. Enjoy what you do

It is the key aspect of being successful at whatever you do. Unless you enjoy the work you do or you have lacking enthusiasm then expecting a good result out of it is similar to finding a penny in an ocean.

If you enjoy your work, you come up with better creative ideas, a sense of motivation, and an optimistic attitude that helps you to enhance your content and your audiobook that further helps you to hold your listener and make them listen to an audiobook with their genuine interest in it.

5. Pause and Pace

It is necessary to give a pause when required. Because a lack of understanding to pause will ruin the worth of your content.

A smart podcaster necessarily works on these two key aspects. You need to stop at punctuations or wherever you feel you need to give a break so that listener can grab the emotion. Similarly, it is essential to work on pace. A different section of your content requires a different pace of the narration. The content being yours, you need to allocate space to different sections. The balance between pause and pace enhances the beauty and listenership of your audiobook.

So these were some of the key advice that one can follow to make his/her listeners listen to audiobooks with immense enthusiasm. And for the guidance, you can hear audiobooks available on KUKU FM to enhance your knowledge and learn the application of the above-mentioned pointers.


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