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Why should I listen to PodcastsOften people ask us why we should listen to podcasts when we have so many other means of entertainment. Why should we start a podcast? What’s so special about your podcast? So today we are going to understand why you should listen to a podcast and why? Why is a podcast more useful than other tools? We will focus on many such things.

1. Not just a means of entertainment

The first thing to note is that podcasts are not limited to just being an entertainment tool. Although entertainment is a part of podcasts, many people learn a lot when you listen to podcasts. Many courses are available through podcasts. You can listen to many books in podcasts that add to your knowledge. So if someone thinks that podcasts are just your means of entertainment, then no, you can also increase your knowledge a lot in podcasts.

2. Getting to work Getting to work -

You don’t have to sit and listen to a podcast every time. You can listen to podcasts along with other activities. Often while traveling or exercising or walking you learn new things by listening to podcasts. On the contrary, since other mediums are entertaining according to their time, you cannot do anything else hence the factor of multitasking lacks.

3. More suitable lifestyle 

As already mentioned, podcasts help to make your lifestyle more useful and better. There are many books available that you can listen to podcasts while doing other chores. There are many courses available that can make your time worth listening to your long journey. This way the podcast can make your lifestyle more useful and happier.
For example, You can listen to playlists like Ishq After Marriage while cooking, or doing other chores as these don’t require 100% attention.

4. Free

There are a lot of podcasts available for free today. Whereas other mediums such as tv, Netflix, etc would require a subscription fee to access them. On the other hand, if you want to listen to podcasts, the majority of them are available. There are many great audiobooks, stories, talk shows, courses, etc. available to you at the tip of your finger.

5. Listening to your schedule 

Most apps allow you to download podcasts. Kuku FM allows you to download their content for free. This helps you to listen to podcasts, learn, or entertain yourself even when there’s no internet connectivity. This also means that once downloaded, you don’t have to worry about exactly what time you want to listen to the podcast. You can listen to your podcasts anytime and anywhere and keep them in your collection. On the other hand, there are many mediums that you have to watch according to their time and you can’t possibly store them.

6. Passive income 

By creating a podcast, you get a chance to earn a passive income. Passive income is income that comes from other sources than your main income. If you have both the passion and the skill to create podcasts, you can build a passive income with a little effort and a little time. With increasing inflation, everyone tries to find ways to earn something else. Podcasts are a great way to earn a passive income. If you want to know how your podcast can be monetized then click here.

7. Easy to Listen and Record

The podcast is a very easy medium to use and create. It doesn’t cost much money to listen to podcasts, but it doesn’t cost much money or effort to create a podcast. You can create your podcast on Kuku FM only with the help of your mobile. With platforms such as Kuku FM, it can also reach millions of people.

8. Leisure and Entertainment

And last but not least, the podcast is a great entertainment tool that gives you all kinds of entertainment, from different audiobooks, stories, courses to talk shows. There is a wave of entertainment and information. You will hear many great artists, writers all through Kuku FM, and fill your life with joy.


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