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Podcasts are a medium for listening to the content of your choice. People listen to a podcast on topics of their choice or interest. Very soon, podcasting will become a popular medium like social media. In such a situation, it is bringing a lot of possibilities with itself. If you want to innovate in your everyday life, but lack of time and resources is becoming a problem for you, you can think about podcasting.

Apart from this, podcasts can also help you in your business. In this article, we will tell you why your brand needs a podcast.

If you own a brand or are positioned in the field of advertising, then it will be beneficial for you to be aware of the current status of podcasting. The podcast is a new and fast emerging platform, where Kalakar(creators) are giving wings to their interests and creativity. People’s tastes have been changing as well lately, instead of sitting and concentrating on a medium, with audio entertainment(podcast) you can multitask and also listen to your preferred choice of content.

Why does your brand need a podcast?

1) New platform means new possibilities

Because podcasts are still a new medium, it is slowly gaining popularity. Therefore, it is obvious that the competition is still low on such methods of promotions. New listeners are joining the podcast world every day. This is the right time for you to invest in podcasting since your competition may or may not have utilized this method yet. Also, you can hire a podcast creator to create podcasts related to your brand. You don’t necessarily need to have a brand to promote it, you can also be an individual artist, businessman, or even just a tutor. Cross promoting your content on podcasts would mean more audience that would eventually lead up to more business.

2) More benefit in less expenditure

Creating a podcast does not cost much because it does not require any major setup. The best podcasts can be made from just simple phones and microphones. If you advertise your brand on a podcast, it will be cheaper for you. On the one hand, where you spend many thousands of rupees on advertising on TV, newspaper, radio, etc., podcasts will be much cheaper than all of them as they are fairly new. Also, if you ask someone to create a podcast for your brand, you still have to pay a lot less than the other mediums and the lack of presence of other brands would work out in your favor.

3) Reach more and new people

Reach more and new people

Audio as a form of entertainment is increasingly becoming popular. Platforms such as Kuku FM attract almost 1 lakh plus listeners every day. The presence of your brand can make it more attractive than other places. If people come here to get information about your brand, then it is very likely that they will follow you. Because this is a completely new technology of advertising and new people are joining here every day, there is a high chance for your brand to grow and find a new audience.

4) Know the effect of your podcast

Podcast apps have a feature of analytics that lets you know how many people have heard your podcast. For example, Kuku FM provides each of its creators a chart that shows how many users listened to their content on a daily and weekly basis. While you may not be able to comment on how many people have seen the big advertisements on TV and newspapers, the podcast also tells you immediately. This way you can know the impact of your podcast realtime

To get your brand on the podcast, you need to choose the right platform. KUKU FM receives a large number of listeners daily and so far more than 15 million people have downloaded it. You can promote your brand by creating a podcast on Kuku FM.


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