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Why create a podcast with KUKU FM?The hosting platform plays an important role in the success of podcasts. Once the podcast is created, it must be hosted on the appropriate platform. If you create a podcast in a regional language and host it on a platform where the number of podcast listeners in other languages ​​is high, your podcast will not play. You should choose the platform of the podcast according to the language of your content. KUKU FM is one such platform where many podcasts are available in Hindi, English as well as regional languages. You can also find listeners listening to podcasts in regional languages. This will explain why you should create a podcast with KUKU FM.

If you decide to make a podcast, KUKU FM may prove to be a good platform for you. Now you may be wondering why you should make a podcast on KUKU FM? What makes KUKU FM different from other podcast platforms? So let’s talk about some of the special features of KUKU FM.

1. Reach

KUKU FM is a podcast platform that is a unique platform within you. The number of podcasts on this app is much higher in regional languages ​​than in any other language. You can easily download it by going to Google Play Store. More than 1 million people have downloaded this app so far. Also, it has a 4.9-star rating on the Playstore. This makes it a great podcast platform. Also, approximately one million listeners listen to podcasts on KUKU FM every day. So this app guarantees you to reach your podcast to many people. We have a much larger regional language audience than any other podcast platform. This will help you understand why you want to create a podcast on KUKU FM.

2. Accurate analysis

Why you should create a podcast on KUKU FM, you can also do an accurate analysis after the podcast is created. You can view a complete record of your overall performance on it. Also, KUKU FM will give you a graph, showing you the performance of the week or month. This allows you to analyze your content. It can also tell you how many new people have listened to your podcast. You can also see how many people have downloaded your podcast. You can also find out how many new people have followed you. You can also learn the analysis of your podcast from comments from people.

3. Help from management

The community support team at KUKU FM is always at the service of podcast producers. From recording podcasts to monetizing your podcasts, KUKU FM’s team helps you in many ways. This team is always ready to dispel any doubts you may have. The community support team helps creators launch podcasts. This helps to advertise while the podcast is running. Various features of KUKU FM help you improve your podcast. The community support team plays an important role in getting your podcast to more people. This will help you understand why you should create a podcast on KUKU FM.

4. Other attractive features

attractive features

Compared to other platforms, KUKU FM has more attractive features. If you want to edit the recording after the podcast is recorded, you can do that too. Its various editing features make a simple recording very special. Editing with a recording tool makes your voice sound more appealing. Besides, KUKU FM has many more attractive features that give a better reason to create podcasts on KUKU FM than on any other podcast platform.

5. Audience availability

You will find listeners and producers of almost every regional language on KUKU FM. So you don’t just have to create podcasts in Hindi or English. You can also create podcasts in your native language. You can create podcasts in any regional language like Marathi or Gujarati etc. Here you will find listeners of every regional language. This will ensure that your podcast is published. Also, Podcast is a new platform, which makes it less competitive. So you can easily get a good career here. So you may have wondered why you should make a KUKU FM podcast.

You can easily popularize your podcast using these special features on KUKU FM. Also, you can get a career and a means of earning money. So install KUKU FM today and start one of the best careers in your podcast world…


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