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Where can I host my podcast?

What is podcast hosting services?

Friends, you make beautiful podcasts, but when it is ready, you may be wondering, where exactly do you want to publish this podcast? This is where a podcast hosting service provider helps you. A hosting service delivers your podcast to many people on a platform with a lot of listeners from the very beginning, such as on the app, and the plus side is that the listeners here already listen to your podcast and if they like it, they follow your podcast. This means you don’t have to spend much time searching for your audience.

How to choose the best podcast host for your podcast?

1. Easy to use-

We know that you are new at making podcasts. So you have to have a platform that is easy to use and such a platform is KUKU FM. All you can do is download the app from the Google Play Store, log in, and easily record and edit podcasts.

2. Targeted audience –

(targeted audience)

The platform on which you host your podcast should be accessible to people in that language. If you are creating a podcast in Marathi, your podcast will not be heard by English users but by people from Maharashtra and people who know Marathi, so your hosting platform should be more accessible to the people who understand your podcast language and can relate to it

And let us tell you that Kuku FM is India’s largest Vernacular audio platform where you can find users listening to Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, and many other regional language audios.

3. Cost-

Pricing of a hosting service varies from provider to provider. While there are certain providers that charge a bomb, KUKU FM offers its users a completely free hosting service. That means, you can upload your content on KUKU FM and you won’t be charged a fee. Instead, with their network when you start reaching a wide audience they help you monetize your content. So, not only are you starting with zero investment but you also have the potential to earn in the future.

4. Audience counting and magnification facility –

It’s important that you receive constant feedback on how your content is working. On KUKU FM we provide you with information on how many people have heard your podcast on your profile. Also, people can applaud and comment on it. Moreover, you can easily find out how many people have downloaded it. You can also send the link of your podcast to many people through the app to social media or other platforms such as Whatsapp and Facebook. People can comment and suggest any suggestions or changes to your podcast.

If you want to become a great artist by creating podcasts in any regional language, then the best platform for you is KUKU FM because of its wide reach in regional languages. It is India’s first platform that seeks to get people to listen to audiobooks, audio stories, shows, etc. in their local languages.

If you publish your podcast here, you have plenty of room to progress quickly. Because millions of people listen to this podcast every day. At KUKU FM, podcasts reach over 1.5 million people. Its rating on Google Play reached 4.9 this year.

Also, KUKU FM’s customer support team is at your service 24/7, and most importantly, creating and publishing podcasts here is completely free. So start your podcast journey with us! HOST


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