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What should be the time length of a better podcast?

A podcast is such a platform, where people present their thoughts by orating it. This is not supported by any visuals. And that can be considered both its lack and specialty. It is absolutely difficult to hold your listener when you have no visuals and it is just the audio that is the source of reaching people. At the same time, a creator can easily have a hold over its listener if he/she can keep a note of certain things. From all the crucial points, time is the most important one. Creator completely decides the right duration of the podcast. But here, we would like to guide you in the right time duration of the podcast. You can improve your podcast by simply following them. Along with it, these tips will help you to gain more listeners.

So let us begin to explore.

1. Entertainment Podcast

Every time there is a different objective while creating a podcast. And the one made for the purpose of entertainment can take as much time as it wants. But the minimum time mark should be 5 min. If you are narrating a storytime limit of 5-10 min is perfect. For comedy prefer to extend your duration of podcast limit to 15 min. Holy and spiritual books can be recorded for 20-20 min. In this way, you can provide your listener with enough doses of entertainment in a specified amount of time.

2. Knowledgeable Podcast

Many people believe in sharing the knowledge they pose. For that, they create a knowledgeable podcast. With the help of such podcasts, people empower themselves to deliver their knowledge on topics like self-help, social agendas, podcast course, literature, etc. The ideal time duration of the podcast should be from 25-30 min. Because sensitive topics need a clear and deep explanation. From the education point of view podcast, time length should be ideally of 20 min. A podcast that includes social issues should be 15 min. Whereas podcast related to literature should be 15-20 min.

3. NEWS Podcast

Podcast, whose objective is to make us aware and keep us updated is known as NEWS Podcast. Generally, we receive information through television, newspaper, and radio, and the same we hear on podcasts. Such podcasts can generally range from 10-20 min. If you have astrology section added to it then that can range from 5-7 min. Whereas podcast related to sports can ideally be of 10 min. With the time duration of various news, you can adjust accordingly. If you give your news podcast a bulletin section for the span of 5, 10, or 15 min then that would be great.

4. Emotional Podcast

The podcast which present love, relations, inspiration, etc. are known as an emotional podcast. Such kinds of podcasts are enormously popular on KUKU FM. Other than this people love to hear such kind of podcast. If the topic of your podcast is love then the duration of it should range from 15-20 min. If you are delivering an inspirational podcast ideal length should be 10 min. Any podcast related to kids should be 10 min. Since kids can not concentrate on audio for a great span of time.

Do not consider the above-mentioned points as standard but they are helpful. It is just based on the analysis made by people’s choice. You are completely free to decide the duration of podcast content along with its type. While following these points do keep in mind that the quality of your content matters over its quantity. So just keep working to improve the quality of your content. Simultaneously keep publishing your vote cast. Because that will help you to join with better listeners. Hearing various podcasts on KUKU FM you can help you decide the perfect time of a fantastic podcast.


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