Who doesn’t like ‘thrill’ in their life. Almost everyone wants to do something thrilling in their life. In the same way, people love thriller stories and audiobooks. The abandoned characters and heroism in a thriller story, their dramatic journey, action, suspense, growing curiosity, discomfort all keep us connected to the story. So it’s more fun to listen to than any other audiobook. With this in mind, we’ve brought you the best thriller audiobook in Hindi language. We are sure that you cannot keep yourself away from this thrilling audiobook. What is special is that you can listen to all this audiobook for free in Hindi. You can also download it to your device for offline listening. Then definitely download this Best Thriller Audiobook in Hindi and enjoy the thrilling journey you are about to start. 

* Raman Raghav – India’s first Serial Killer in Hindi

This story of that person who came to Mumbai to work in a mill and he was a psycho killer who killed Forty One persons. Listen to the heart wrenching Thriller Audiobook of India’s first documented serial killer – Raman Raghav! Raman Raghav – India’s first Serial Killer is one of the best thriller audiobooks available in Hindi. This audiobook is composed by Raj Shrivastava. This audiobook is 105 minutes long which will tell you everything in detail about Raman Raghav. 


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