Ten Tana Tan Thumbnails Edition

Ten Tana Tan Thumbnails Edition

Hello Kalakaar,

Be it a book cover, an album cover, or your profile photo, they create an impression. Podcasts and audios are no different. Investing in a good thumbnail is worth every second of your time. We have observed that a good thumbnail increases the clicks on your audio by 30%.

Every Tenth of the month, we will be sharing with you an amazing list of amazing thumbnails from the creative universe of Kuku FM. We hope that these creative pieces inspire you & help you become innovative. And your listeners couldn’t resist singing saying, “Tan Tana Tan…Tan Tan Taara, Thumbnail dekha aur click mara!” 😉

Note: Following is just a list of thumbnails and not a ranked listicle.

As soon as viewers enter a streaming app, hundreds of images compete for their attention, especially making one marketing tool the most crucial element in content discovery today- thumbnail poster art.

Ten Tana Tan Thumbnails Edition

Action: Action is a great way to attract attention. The poster is giving us a glimpse of a part of the story, which makes the viewer curious to know more about the character.

Ten Tana Tan Thumbnails Edition
Highlight the central image with the help of filters, keep the background out of focus and monotone.

A good thumbnail need not require special effects and elements, keep it simple but realistic. In this image, the colors are just right.

Ten Tana Tan Thumbnails Edition
Use of one color to give the horror-thriller feel. The title is as important as the image, make it visible and just as scary as the background.

Use the important scene from your story to use as a poster. This will make people want to listen to the story to find out more about it.

The colors here show the dramatic aspect of the story. Two important elements merged with each other and you have created a masterpiece.

Use the fonts wisely, your font style should match the mood of the story.

Ten Tana Tan Thumbnails Edition
A better way of making a romantic story poster rather than using just silhouettes and happy couples.

Photographic images with interesting angles will make your work even easier. Play with font sizes to give more depth to the design.


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