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Be it a book cover, an album cover or your profile photo, they create an impression. Podcasts and audios are no different. Investing in a good thumbnail is worth every second of your time. We have observed that a good thumbnail increases the clicks on your audio by 30%. 

Every Tenth of the month, we will be sharing with you an amazing list of amazing thumbnails from the creative universe of Kuku FM. We hope that these creative pieces inspire you & help you become innovative. And your listeners couldn’t resist singing saying, “Tan Tana Tan…Tan Tan Taara, Thumbnail dekha aur click mara!”  😉 

Note: Following is just a list of thumbnails and not a ranked listicle.

Use of Bright colors and complementing text colors

The bright colours and elements of the image convey a light hearted mood, thereby relating it to comedy genre

The focus on the image is on the personality. Elements (paint splash) draw your attention to the person. 

Highlighting the key word in the title and adding strokes to convey a thriller genre story. 

Kuku FM Recommends: You can create a suitable thumbnail through mobile apps or web, as per your preference. We recommend using Canva or Adobe Spark as your mobile apps. 

Both have their websites too – Canva Web & Adobe Spark Web. They have a lot of free templates as well as premium ones. 

The image is quite simple but depicts the mood clearly. This was achieved by combining the colour stroke with the main character. 

Your element does not necessarily cover the whole image. Here proportion is appropriate and the text is complimenting the mood. 

Famous celebrity thumbnails do not require much colour as their image will grab the attention. 

Kuku FM Recommends: We advise that creators shouldn’t use their own pictures as thumbnail images unless they are added with some graphics. Example below.

Choose a plain background with your photo above it. Place the show title and your name above it adding borders and fill colour as suitable. 

Keep the important object in the focus, so that background doesn’t become a distraction.

Simple. Neat. A simple image with bright background & a textbox with your title is your cheat sheet idea. 

Do you have your own list of favourite Thumbnails? Would you like to curate such a list? or nominate a thumbnail for getting featured. Write to us at kalakaar@kukufm.com or WhatsApp us at 9321926619. The above list was curated by Manisha Rawani, Graphic Designer, Kuku FM.

P.S. Hoping the Jingle stays with you! 😀 And hit us up if you too noticed the Pun in the title!


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